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Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game

发行商: SayGames
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Jelly Shift – Can you slide through?

Everybody loves jelly!

Jelly can flow and jelly can crash. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like jelly! In this fast-moving and enormously fun casual platform game the aim is to guide your lovable jelly to the end of each obstacle course in the shortest possible time. Follow the treats and shift up and down to squeeze your jelly between barriers, under bars, and over runners as smoothly and speedily as you can. Only the slipperiest, slinkiest, slidingest jelly will get all the stars!

🔥 Be like jelly!🔥

★ Jelly is infinite! This game offers a huge number of levels, each with an obstacle course to navigate made of unique twists and turns, barriers of all sizes, and a variety of other super-sweet features.

★ Jelly just gets better! Great rewards—collect diamonds 💠 and complete levels to unlock a host of jelly characters including super-cute animals, colorful heroes, and absolute jelly legends.

★ Jelly is cool, but jelly is hot! Successfully pass enough obstacles without crashing, and you’ll get jelly fever, and intense burst of color and speed to get you to the end of the level 🏁 in half the time.

★ The nature of jelly is irrepressible! Fast-moving game mechanics—your jelly will have to adapt if it wants to survive out there. Shift up and down like an F1 driver 🏎️ to save your jelly from bashing its jelly head and bruising its jelly sides, or just slipping away altogether between the runners.

★ Jelly has great taste! Glorious colors, cute graphics, fun music and satisfyingly squelchy sound facts make Jelly Shift a wonderful place to be. Slip away from it all into a world of bright jelly joy!

★ Jelly is a happy place! Dozens of different environments and 200 obstacle course variations mean you’ll be coming back to Jelly Shift for more and more jelly fun. Let the hours slip away in a riot of jelly joy!

★ Jelly just is! Jelly knows no stress or worry, it just slides on, adapting itself to whatever life throws at it. Jelly may crash, but it never stops. It bounces right back and keeps on sliding. And this charming casual game can help teach you to be like jelly!

Keep on sliding!

Looking for a game that combines character, charm, excitement and chilled fun? Jelly Shift has all this and more in a uniquely squeezy form, with the perfect balance of intuitive gameplay, super-cute environment, and gently challenging levels that keep on adapting and expanding. Download Jelly Shift now and enjoy hours of flexible flowing fun.

Be like jelly, my friend!


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Cool 😎 🆒️ play


Ubuntu is the first of all time to get a chance for the next day or night and I love you sharing the next


我第一次录这个游戏,但是我不会读你我们果冻后面的字。我还没开始玩呢。我我还没开始试玩。我的名字是许亦如合移入。啊,这个不太合适我的名字哈,我写不了哈。对不起哈,我没能告诉你啊明我的名字哈。对不起呀,对不起。你们这个游戏是什么款,量是三彩日期多久?我感觉这个很香,应该大概很好吧,这是最好的一个了。大概我有录几个游戏吧。我弟弟呢他财路这个留她没有游戏都是玩我的游戏呢但是呢我觉得你们的游戏是非非常加油,非常非常棒,我弟弟说,对,对对,谢谢,谢谢,谢谢,谢谢大家!我弟说谢谢大家。我弟还说,你们是最棒 最棒的英雄,了不起的游戏。我弟说你们非常非常的了不起。你们可以继续加油的


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