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Shokher Jinish

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Shokher Jinish, an e-commerce site for the hobbyist to buy or sell pigeons, pigeon accessories, pigeon medicine, and all other pets and pet accessories. Also, we are able to serve various tips for maintaining pigeons and give live chat support through our live support panel. By downloading our app you will be able to access our website directly from your phone. Moreover, you can get in touch with us directly. You will also be able to purchase products from our wide range of product collections. In fact, we are offering you to sell your product from anywhere in our country from your place. We hope we will provide all services we promised through this app and obviously we always welcome your suggestions and ideas.
Every action has a reason. There is a special reason behind the implementation of this Shokher Jinish. That is to solve all the problems of the people who have a variety of hobbies including pigeons. For example, if we think about pigeons when a pigeon lover starts keeping pigeons, the first problem he has is that he does not know which pigeon to buy. When he collects good quality pigeons, he faces another problem. That is, how to take care of pigeons? After that, if the pigeon is sick, will he take medicine? And the last problem is where to sell the pigeon at a good price when it is fully grown? The solution to all these problems is the creation of Shokher Jinish. In fact, those of us who love pigeons, also love all kinds of pets/birds. With this in mind, Shokher Jinish has always kept an eye on your other hobbies. We are growing with you with your hobbies and love.


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