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Do you ever feel like I want to create something beautiful Or build a castle Or just want to be creative and make something …
Buildfall is a drag and merge style building construction game. It lets you build from ground up with help of building blocks.

Features :
One of the best block building games that you can play offline.
Simple and easy gameplay.
You can create block mountains or build a house or tower blocks or do castle building,
You can create your own Tower Design with this easiest tower builder game.
Your imagination comes to life in the form of various arhictectural element blocks.
One of the most fun architecture games for students as you can create concept buildings easily.
Play endless till you feel satisfied with you have made.
Unlock new blocks with every third creation.
Save each new creation and Share with you friends and family.

Blocks :
Explore various types of blocks like basic, indian, chinese, futuristic, industrial to name some as New building blocks are added regularly.
You can unlock new blocks and choose what blocks you want to use in your creation to make it the way you want.

Experience :
One of the best mind relaxing games for android.
You will find it Unique from all the tower building games available on playstore
Feel like a Virtual Architect and make your own world within this game.
You get your left and right brain exercises done when you are playing as this is one of those games that promote creativity which imroves creative thinking skills and logical thinking too.
Fascinating game play will help you create new thoughts and will keep your mind calm
Get the joy of creation.

So download BuildFall Now and do build up your big castle of magic, explore craft and create a masterpiece.

drag drop blocks drag n merge creative block merge block tower blocks


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