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Merge Manor

发行商: Sigma Games Ltd.
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After the untimely passing of her Grandmother, Alex returns to her childhood home to take care of her Grandfather, and perhaps unlock some family secrets on the way…

Grab your rubber gloves, because it’s time to get down and dirty! Merge newly discovered items into useful tools to aid in renovating the Manor, and earn exciting treasures!

The merging is afoot! Completely renovate the Manor, and decorate it with your own personal flair. Unlock new areas surrounding the Manor and let your creative juices flow, as you nurse back weeds into flourishing gardens. Dig up family secrets as you clear out rooms, and be wary…you never know what new adventure is waiting around the corner!

MERGE – Combine old and broken materials into new useful tools. A bit of TLC and those broken hedge clippers will be as good as new!

RENOVATE – You’re in the designing driver’s seat. It’s time to polish up those redecorating skills, and become an expert interior and exterior designer.

DISCOVER – Whether it’s a locked door in the basement, or a suspicious noise in the attic, the Manor is full of secrets just waiting to be exposed. Find hidden areas around the estate and reveal hidden family secrets.

UNWIND – Take a break from work and life, but be wary of surprising twists that will have your heart racing!

SIMPLE TO LEARN – With visual guides to help you get started, Merge Manor could even be played by your Grandparents…or Great Grandparents!

STAY AND PLAY – Play for a minute or play for a day, the Manor and its secrets will be waiting for you to return!

ENJOY – Unlock secrets, treasures, and interact with exciting characters that will help you develop the story at your own pace.

Now, let’s get merging shall we? This Manor can’t redecorate itself…or can it?


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