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应用说明 is an electronic school platform designed for teachers, students and their parents based on the education system of the Republic of Moldova. mobile application was designed:

— To allow parents to duly receive information about their children's school performance and to become more involved in the learning process.
— To distribute roles among all participants in the education system: teachers, school administration, parents and students.
— To make administrative activity in schools more effective, and the educational process – more transparent.

What does the app offer?

For students:

— personal profile;
— an electronic diary with a schedule, grades, attendance, lesson topics, and homework;
— learning support;
— school performance report;
— annual and semester grades;
— the results of tests and examinations.

For parents:

— personal profile;
— access to all the information of the child;
— electronic signature to be used for signing the agenda.

What are the benefits of this app?

— Provides 24/7 access from any gadget to all the functionalities and possibilities of the platform.
— The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes using the application simple and convenient.
— The automatic calculation of the average grades allows the students and the parents to be informed about the school performance, to be able to adjust their progress and to more accurately forecast the results at the end of the school year.

The school is connected to the platform by an invitation to the system, which will be sent by the school administrator to the email address specified by the user.


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