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A Completely FREE version of the Ultra-High-Functional Text Editor "Wrix"! You can Ultra-Comfortable Text Editing!
Can be use it for Completely FREE, so please try to experience Ultra-Comfortable Text Editing Environment! You may not be able to let go because it is Too Comfortable!
Developed from scratch for Comfortable Text Editing! Significantly reduce the Stress of Text Editing on Android!

To make Text Editing comfortable, have many useful functions such as below, it can be used as the center of Text Editing work such as Memo, Note, E-Mail, Outline, ToDo, Idea memo, Twitter, etc!
+Drag & Drop
+Key Macro
+Outline, Check mark, Pages
+Insert Phrase
+Markdown (Output to HTML, PDF, Preview)
+QR code Reader
+Can be Edit Files of other apps (Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive, etc.)

Built-in Ultra-High-Function File Manager makes File Management even more comfortable!

Built-in the Outline function makes Text Editing Super Comfortable! (It probably does not need an app dedicated to Outline!

Built-in the Check Mark function can be used like a ToDo list! (It probably does not need an app dedicated to ToDo!

Since almost all the functions can be operated on the key, it is possible to operate the same as the PC/Mac environment by using an External Keyboard! (Do not need PC/Mac anymore!)

The name of the app is called "Wrix" ("Wrikes") and in conjunction with the "Write" and "Likes".
As the name suggests, we put a lot of useful features think want to Text editing.

So, please enjoy a comfortable Text Editing!

+This App has function restrictions unlike the Normal version of "Wrix". But, watching the Ads will FREE All restrictions for a certain period of time!
+You can get a "FREE License" that can remove all restrictions for a certain period of time by looking at the ads!
+Communicate when displaying ads.
+Compatible with Android 10!

- Text Edit Screen -
The functions to be provided are as follows.

+Comfortable Text Editing environment
+Supports editing of Multiple Documents
+Undo/Redo (Unlimited Number of Times)
+Highlighting, Regular Expression, Replaced possible Find function
+Multiple File Search (grep)
+Special display of non-displayable that Tab, Half/Full-Width Space, and Newline Character
+Select-mode for Easy Text Selection
+Key Macro
+Drag & Drop
+Launcher that can be called a function quickly
+Key Shortcut
+Auto indent
+Tab Indent
+Word Wrap
+Line Spacing
+Pages (It can be used like Manuscript paper!)
+Check Mark
+Markdown (Supports HTML, PDF format output!)
+Variety of tools (File Manager, Internal File Browser, Clipboard Information, QR code Reader/Generator, etc)
+Text Insertion function that can be quickly inserted the Text you have Registered
+Dictionary Search (send specified text to an external app or website for quick search!)
+Text to Speech (Male and Female, Language)
+Voice Input Support functions
+Cursor bar (Assists in moving the Cursor and at the same time makes Key Macros easier to use!)
+Various conversion function of character. Case conversion, Full-width Half-conversion
+Show the Information of the Selected range
+The special display Tab, Space, a Line break character
+Can be sent File to Another App
+Can be sent Text to Another App
+Can be Edit Files on Another Apps such as Cloud Storage
+Import the files (Can be Import the files from other apps such as File Manager, Cloud Services)
+Export the files (Can be Export the files to other apps such as File Manager, Cloud Services)

Because there are a number of features as described above, it becomes difficult to call the function that is deep in the menu normally.
However, it is possible by the use of such key or shortcut launcher panel, call quickly to frequently used functions.

- File Management screen -
The functions to be provided are as follows.

+List Files/Folders
+Edit File/Folder (Move, Copy, Delete, etc)

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