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Secret Voice Recorder Pro

发行商: skydoves
价格: 1.99 USD


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Edge Recorder Pro allows you to customize your own recording screen at your convenience and offers scheduled recordings, silent recordings, background recordings (continued recording even when the app is turned off), and recording file sharing.

If you use the edge recorder program, you can create a recording environment that suits your situation, such as a quiet environment like a library or situations where you don't need to inform others of the recording unnecessarily. You can also create more diverse recording environments with scheduled and multi-themed recording screens that are not available in the Light version.

We also provide a variety of sensible functions such as design and interface similar to SNS apps, generation of camouflage icons, push notification when recording, etc.

🚀 Typical functions
- High-quality recording is a stereo mix type recording method.
- Consists of sophisticated UI/UX and animation similar to the messenger app.
- Various customized recording screens are provided, including SNS themes, music themes, and chatbot themes.
- Scheduled recording allows you to start recording automatically at any time you want.
- Recording will continue even if you exit the app in the background or turn off the screen completely.
- Supports a variety of encoding schemes, including wma m4am mp3 mp4.
- App entry lock settings are available for security purposes.
- Various camouflage shortcut icons can be created on the Home screen.
- Recorded files are stored in external memory for easy sharing, notes, playback, and more.
- You can set the maximum recording time for each message to record as much as you want.
- Block calls during recording, or save and exit recording when recording.
- Provides automatic save and shutdown of recordings before the smartphone runs out of battery during recording.

📋 Recording Manual
- SNS theme - View button (start recording), Short button (end recording).
- Music theme - Play button (start recording), Pause button (end recording).
- Chatbot theme - Start recording when entering start keyword, end recording when entering end keyword.
- All recording screens can be customized for your convenience.
- If you exit the app from the app manager or turn off the phone screen during recording, the recording will not be interrupted.

💌 Profile Message Management Menu
- You can add, edit, and delete messages at your convenience.
- Maximum recording time can be set individually for each message.
- Posts on the music screen can be customized to the background image of the message.

⏱ Configuration menu
- You can hide and view menu buttons that exist at the top right of the recording screen.
- Supports a variety of recording methods, including m4amp3 mp4
- Only the user who announces the start or end of the recording can add and modify the tag.
- You can set up your own message notification to announce the start or end of the recording.
- If you stop recording, you can save the recording and automatically close the app.
- Automatically block phone calls during recording, or save recording and stop setting.
- App entry lock settings are available for security purposes.
- You can create a shortcut icon for camouflage on the Home screen.

😀 Frequently asked questions
Q) When I start recording, the sound and vibrations keep ringing.
A) To remove sound or vibration at the beginning of the recording, you must set your own settings on your Android device. Press Setup Application -> SR Pro -> Sound Switch Off to suppress sound and vibration modes.

Q) I can't find the location of the recording file.
A) The recording file is stored inside the Secret Recorder folder on the sd card.
So you can connect a USB connection and acquire a recording file from that folder, or you can use the recording file sharing functionality that the app provides by default.


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