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First Real Pocket dictionary.

A dictionary for words you only use.

No more traditional dictionaries, Kalimaty is a simple dictionary crafted for people who prefer to create their own dictionaries for English language or any language you want to learn and memorize its words.

When it comes to learning a new language, some learners like dictionaries. They read them. They treasure them. They worry about getting the best possible dictionary, but what If you can create your own dictionary! Kalimaty allows you to create your own dictionary.

Using traditional dictionaries is like one-way love, you put a lot of effort into looking words up. you think things are fine when looking at the meaning in the dictionary, but as soon as you close the dictionary very little remains, you have already forgotten what you just read. You left feeling empty even reading online and using an online dictionary is not enough. Without the ability to create your own dictionary, you could be wasting time.

Kalimaty will give you the ability to add your own words to be able to review them occasionally. It is a dynamic database of your new words and phrases, linked to real examples of these words in use, related to your reading and listening, not just learner content. Kalimaty is a great tool enables you to learn from your listening and reading in efficient and effective way.

At Kalimaty you can save new words and phrases to your personal database for later study. You can provide an explanation, image, categories and translation. Soon, You will be able to copy words from other user dictionaries and add them to your dictionary if you want, great features also.

* FREE - No Ads
* Completely Offline no Need of Internet. Unless you want to:
Sync Data: This will help you to save data on our servers, you will never lose them.
Word Translation: to retrieve the definition of unknown words.

own dictionary


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