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Gear Fit2 Filesmaster

发行商: SM Software
价格: 1.72 USD


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This app is designed for Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear Fit 2 Pro.

How to install?
1. First install Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) application if you didn't yet.
2. Pair Samsung Gear with your Gear watch via Bluetooth. Open Galaxy Wearable and make sure your phone is connected to Gear Fit 2. If not click Connect.
3. Open Samsung Galaxy Wearable, go Settings -> About Gear and tick option Unknown Sources.
4. Now install the app from this site.
5. Find Filesmaster in your Gear watch and launch it. If you don't see Filesmaster on Gear your phone is not connected to Fit 2. Connect both devices and install app again.
6. If it asks you for install Filesmaster Companion apk please confirm it. You will be moved to Google Play store with FM Companion page. Install it on your phone. This plugin allows to transfer files between your phone and Gear Fit2 via Bluetooth.

Filesmaster is basic app and the only file manager for Gear Fit 2/Pro. FM allows to transfer files between your Gear and phone, computer or another Gear via Bluetooth or Wifi networks. Afterwards you can open these files inside FM – you don't need extra app.

The app has built-in:
- audio player (mp3, ogg, amr and Wave files),
- video player (light-weight video formats like 3gp or mp4),
- picture's viewer (jpg, png, bmp files) with built-in slideshow function,
- text viewer (files with extension .txt, .htm, html up to 100MB),
- binary viewer (shows every file as binary content)

FM exposes a few ways to transfer files between your Gear and:
- phone via Bluetooth with Filesmaster Companion app or Filesmater Mobile Plugin
- another Gear like Fit 2/Pro, Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport
- computer via Filesmaster Desktop Plugin or Filesmater IP Plugin
- email box (send a file direct to your email box)
Each connection (except email) supports transfer to/from Gear (both directions).

Learn more about file transfer and download all plugins from FM home page:
All plugins are free of charge.

FM shows the most important details about your system:
- used/free/total space for all mounted storages
- Tizen version
- build/firmware version
- model name
- processor usage
- battery usage
To shows system data click top area with storage line.

FM is mostly app to manage files. You can copy, move, delete, rename, create files and folders as you like.

You can customize FM's look and feel and choose one of 8 themes. Default theme is blue. Open app's settings (three dots icon) and choose one you like the most. For example: to save battery life we recommend to use a simple black theme.

1. Installed the app from Google Play and can't see Filesmaster on my Gear watch. Make sure Bluetooth connection is active for your phone and Gear. Open Galaxy Wearable and check connection to your Fit 2/Pro. Connect if not connected yet.
2. Still no app on my watch and Bluetooth for phone and watch is on. Apps for your watch are installed by Galaxy Wearable manager. Make sure you have installed Galaxy Wearable on your Android phone. If you got non-Samsung phone you must install Galaxy Wearable from Google Play and other libs recommended by Samsung like Samsung Accessory, Samsung Fit2 Plugin.
3. When I launch FM on my watch it forces me to install Companion app. What does mean? Companion app allows to transfer files between your watch and phone using Samsung Accessory library. Just find Filesmaster Companion app in our Google Play catalogue and install it on your Android phone. Now you will able to transfer files via Bluetooth using Filesmaster Companion. Learn more about it on FM home page.

Filesmaster home page(docs, FAQ, plugins etc):

Bugs and new ideas please report at support email.


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