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IMPORTANT: The latest release contains multiple options for installing the watch apps. If one does not work, please try the other as the latest official Pebble app is a bit buggy. You can also find and install all the watch apps by searching "Pebble Rocker" in the Pebble app store. If you still have troubles please email support at

Pebble Rocker is an ever-growing collection of Pebble Watch apps that work in conjunction with your Android device to enhance your Pebble smart watch.

Included Watch Apps
- Android Settings: View & change Android settings from your watch.
  - Battery Level: view Android battery level and receive low battery notification (optional).
  - Ringtone: view/change state (silent/vibrate/normal) and volume.
  - Media Volume: view/change media volume.
  - Wifi: enable/disable wifi.
  - Bluetooth: enable/disable bluetooth.
- Chopper (Game): See how long you can navigate the Chopper through the perilous caverns.
- Camera Control: Use your Pebble watch to take photos with your phone.
  - Use your Pebble watch to take photos with your phone.
  - Take an instant photo or use a timer from 5-30 seconds.
  - Turn flash on/off/auto from your Pebble.
  - Switch between rear/front camera from your Pebble.
  - Turn camera sounds on/off from your Pebble.
  - Automatically preview taken photo on your watch.
- Facebook: browse your Facebook feed on your Pebble watch.
  - View feed entry picture (the picture associated with a status update / wall post).
  - View feed entry comments.
- Foursquare: find nearby venues and check in from your Pebble watch.
  - Check in directly from your watch.
  - Check in options: private, public, Facebook, & Twitter.
- Twitter: browse your home timeline on your pebble watch.
- Events: find activities in your area such as music, community events, conferences and more.
- Photos: browse your Android photo gallery on your Pebble watch.
  - Configure how your photos are converted for viewing using five adjustable filters.
  - Configure which folders are searched for photos.
- Tip Calculator: quickly calculate 10, 15 and 20% tips (including totals) when dining out.
- Phone Pager: use your Pebble watch to find your misplaced Android device (or use your phone to find you watch).
  - Ringtone: selectable ringtone and adjustable volume.
  - Vibrate: vibrate the phone when being paged.
  - Strobe Light: strobes the camera flash when being paged (may not work on older devices).
  - Page your Pebble watch from you phone (vibration / backlight).
- App Bundles: multiple options for Utilities and Social bundles to save app slots.

Permission Breakdown
- Read / Write External Storage: used to install apps to Pebble watch and log Pebble Rocker errors.
- Camera / Flashlight: used by Phone Pager to create strobe light and Camera Control to take pictures.
- Record Video / Audio: used by Camera Control to record video (with sound).
- Disable Keyguard: used by Phone Pager and Camera Control to turn on screen (for legacy devices).
- Vibrate: used by Phone Pager to vibrate phone when being paged.
- Network Communication: used by Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter & Events apps. Also used for Analytics (can be disabled).
- Location: used by Foursquare & Events to find nearby venues.
- Access Wifi State / Change Wifi State: used by Android Settings to manage wifi state.
- Bluetooth / Bluetooth Admin: used by Android Settings to manage wifi state.



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