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SmarterNoise Pro - sound meter analyser recorder

发行商: Agibili
价格: 5.99 USD


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SmarterNoise Pro is the most advanced edition of the SmarterNoise sound meter recorders. Our Pro edition is developed especially with more advanced measurements in mind, and includes many requested features such as a frequency spectrum display, export of measurement data, A-, C- or no weighting, and full screen audio measurement. Our Pro edition does not contain any advertising, and performs accurately and fast.

Features of SmarterNoise Pro - sound meter analyser recorder:

Sound level measurement in video mode

Sound level measurement in audio mode

Sound meter snapshot camera

Record video and audio files

Limit recording length

Frequency spectrum display

Peak frequency detection

A-, C- or no weighting

Export of measurement data in CSV format

HD and VGA video resolution

Three video quality settings

Archive for saved files

Sharing of saved files


Location, address

Time and date

Continuous Leq, LAeq, LCeq value

10 second sound level average (Leq, LAeq, LCeq)

60 second sound level average (Leq, LAeq, LCeq)

Maximum and minimum decibel level

About decibels and sound level measurement

The unit for measuring sound is called a decibel. Because the decibel scale is logarithmic, a sound with an intensity that is twice that of a reference sound corresponds to an increase of about 3 decibels. The reference point of 0 decibel is set at the intensity of the least perceptible sound, the threshold of hearing. On such a scale a 10-decibel sound is 10 times the intensity of the reference sound. Highlighting this is important as already a few decibels higher or lower makes a noticeable difference in how noise is perceived.

The preferred method to describe sound levels that vary over time, resulting in a single decibel value measuring the total sound energy over the period, is called Leq. It is however common practice to measure sound levels using A-weighting, which attenuates lower and higher frequencies that the average person cannot hear. In this case the value is called LAeq.

A- and C-weighting

The A-weighting is a standard, commonly used filter that attempts to alter the measured sound pressure levels to more closely match the perception of the human ear. A-weighting makes the sound level meter less sensitive to very high (over 8000 Hz) and low frequencies (below 1000 Hz).
C-weighting also attenuates low and high frequencies, but the attenuation of low frequencies is much less severe compared to A-weighting.


Calibrate the application using the calibration tool found in the settings menu. Phones and their components vary in quality and setup so you need to calibrate the app in order for the results to be relatively comparable. One suggestion is that you close the window and door to your bedroom or bathroom, turn off appliances, and once its very quiet calibrate the app so the reading is about 30 decibel.


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44 条评价

One of the most comprehensive analytical sound programs I have used with a very simple GUI and lots of functionality, both for manipulation of sound while listening as well as altering recordings that you can make with the app any number of nigh-professional results with very little experience - and in this app, experimentation is JUST as good as experience provided you keep your open mind. -Drew


I do enjoy using smartnoise pro. This app works great


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