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This App is one of the most used GBWhatzapp today online . With over 10 millions users its no doubt that GBWhatzapp users like it that much .

One thing that makes this GBWhatz Mod very outstanding is the ability to customize & change GBWhatz theme colors.
In this article, I have decided to share some of the best GB Themes. You can download these GB Themes from here at no cost .
If you have othersuch as TM Whatz, FM Whatz and GBWhatz plus, you can also use these GBWhatz Plus Themes Zip to customize your GBWhatz look.

Before we look at these GB Themes , you can also download the latest GBWa that the themes are easily compatible with your latest version .

Latest GBWhatz Features :
* Added several groups features
* You can set auto reply to incoming messages just in case you’re busy . The feature also allows you to exclude contacts and groups in the auto reply .
* Enabled locked voice recording . You can record long voice messages without continuously pressing the voice recording icon .
* Get notifications of revoked messages that the other person doesn’t want you to see .
* Added Payment options that allows you to pay to your friends via bank account
* Added an option to mention someone’s name in GBWhatz group .
* Added new Emoji’s
* You can read group description in header like normal status .
* You can play GBWhatz videos with your favorite music player .
* You can anti-Revoke messages
* You can filter messages while clear chat .
* Send text messages broadcast to groups .
* You can enable DND mod , which will disable internet connection in GBWhatz
* Make calls to non contact numbers
* New Emojis and GIF search added
* Send up to 100 documents at once instead of the original 30
* Revoke multiple GBWa messages at once
* Add effects in videos or images while sending
* You can share live location with your friend using live location share feature
* Media auto download for specific groups or contacts only
* Inbuilt message scheduler- You can now schedule messages from GBWa
* Send videos up to 50MBs
* Video calling feature is now available
* New Emojis added
* Added option for hide chats , save or download GBWa status .
* Hide view status privacy .
* Set group name up to 35 characters
* Fixed various bugs while sending videos
* You can hide your last seen , blue tick , second tick , typing message and many others
* About 100 languages support
* You can put status of 255 character instead of original 139 characters without any issues.
* You  can broadcast messages up to 600 people at once .
* You can copy other people’s status onto your clip board .
* Mod can stay online for over 24 hours without consuming a lot of battery
* Change theme easily by going into theme options
* Send up to 90 images in one click instead of original 10
* Ability to copy selected text of GBWa text

GB GBWhatz Themes collection
Using the inbuilt GBWhatz themes , you can easily change the look of your application.
But if that’s not working out for you, we have compiled a complete list of GBWhatz themes that you can download and add to your GBWhatz Mod application .
You can download GBWhatz themes as many as you want and change them daily to amuse your friends .

Try it out yourself today to prove the above👆
Share with us about what you think of TMWhatz in the Comment section below.



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