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A very fun and enjoyable celeb quiz game to test your Brands knowledge and make money. Guess the Logo in the game and get points. How many Brands can you guess in this Logo quiz without spending any points?
If you have difficulty in guessing, use the hints and ask a friend button to reach a solution.

If you like native series, this riddle application is for you.

In-game free gold winning table:

When you first download the game, you earn 2500 gold.
You earn 15 gold for every correct answer.

You're wasting 15 gold for a "Enter a letter" tip. (This tip places one of the correct letters in the directory for you.)
You're wasting 15 gold for the "Remove letters" clue (this tip is used to remove the letters that don't go through the correct answer in the bottom.)
You're wasting 30 gold for the "Solve a question" tip. (Lets you move to the next level, assuming you answered the question correctly.)

When you touch the area that shows how many gold you have in the upper right corner, the social gold winning section opens.
When you choose "Watch Video" in this field, you earn 15 gold.
In social media sharing, you earn 100 gold.

This is the best trivia with cash prizes. Everything is for free, you just need to download this ultimate quiz and guess famous Brands.

Try to guess as many Brands without spending any points, because it's a funnier way to play. With every right answer, you earn gems that you can convert in real cash. Play, have fun and make money.

How many famous Brands do you know? This Logo quiz will test your knowledge of Brands. You will guess famous Brands, learn some you didn't know and have fun.

Really fun logic game, especially for people who really love quiz games and people who want to know or know most of the famous Brands.

With this ultimate Guess The Logo Quiz 2020 you will learn some of the famous Brands and their real names and surnames.

This Guess The Logo Quiz 2020 game includes Brands such as:
• Cars
• Food
• Social Sites
• Electronics
• Technology

Also, in this quiz game, we will also add a lot more Brands, famous Logo for you to guess and have much more fun.

Enjoy the simple design and ease of play in this trivia with cash prizes so it will be more interesting while playing and a little bit harder to guess the Logo that we asked for.

The gameplay is really simple, you just see the picture of the Logo and touch the letters to fill the blank space and guess whatever is required of you.

Are you ready to play this Logo quiz and see how many Brands you actually know? As I said at the beginning, I challenge you to start playing this ultimate quiz right now and collect as many points as possible without spending. That would be fun.

Well, now it’s time to download this money making quiz Guess The Logo Quiz 2020, start enjoying, guess famous Logo and have a lot of fun.



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