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The App includes coverage of codes and standards, design analysis, welding and inspection, corrosion mechanisms, fitness-for-service and failure analysis, and an overview of valve selection and application.It features the technical basis of piping and pipeline code design rules for normal operating conditions and occasional loads and addresses the fundamental principles of materials, design, fabrication, testing and corrosion, and their effect on system integrity. ADD FREE VERSION..!!
(Featured Topics)
-Material Procurement.
-Reactor Piping Layout.
-Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Layout.
-Equipment and Piping Layout for LPG Facilities.
-Fire Fighting System.
-Utility Stations.
-Flare Piping.
-Steam Piping.
-Offsite and Yard Piping Layout.
-Pressure Relief System.
-Underground Piping Layout.
-Vents and Drains Piping Layout.
-Responsibilities of Piping Material Engineer.
-Dimensional Standards for Piping Engineering.
-Gaskets for Piping Flanges.
-Stress Analysis Core Concepts.
-Input Required for Piping Stress Analysis.
-Contents of a Pipe Stress Analysis Report.
-What is Piping Engineering.
-Responsibilities of Piping Design Engineer.
-Responsibilities of piping engineer.
-Activities of piping design engineer.
-Design planning.
-Basic engineering documents.
-Details engineering documents.
-Review of process package.
-Review of other documents.
-Plot plan.
-Equipment layout.
-Basic engineering documents.
-Stress analysis.
-Responsibility of piping engineering at site.
-Responsibility of piping engineering at site Testing of piping.
-Softwares in Piping Engineering.
-Advantages and uses of various software packages.
-EPC Departments Scope Overview.
-Input Data Required for Plot Plan Development.
-General Plot Plan development philosophy.
-Plot Plan Drawing Information Checklist.
-General Equipment Layout Considerations.
-General Piping Layout Philosophy.
-Distillation Towers Layout.
-Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Layout.
-Compressors Layout.
-Tank Farm Design.
-Pipe Racks Design and Piping Layout.
-Furnaces Layout.
-Pumps Equipment and Piping Layout.
-Cold Spring.
-Piping Engineers Role in Instrumentation.
-Temperature Measurement.
-Pressure Measurement in Process Industry.
-Level Measurement.
-Flow Measurement.
-Pipeline Overview.
-Types of Pipelines.
-Major Advantages of Pipelines.
-Disadvantages of Pipelines.
-Construction Methodology.
-Tenders to float.
-Recent Developments..
-Cost Breakup for a Pipeline Project.
-Stages of Pipeline Project.
-Energy Savings Due to Pipelines..
-Pipelines in India.
-Pipeline Engineering Terms.
-Pipeline Risk Management.
-Onshore Pipelines.
-Offshore Pipelines.
-Environmental impact assessments.
-Economic risk..
-Pipeline Quality and Assurance and Control.
-Pipeline Construction Safety and Environment..
-Pipeline Design.
-Softwares used in Pipeline Engineering.
-Pipeline Codes and Standards.
-Hydraulic Design of Pipelines.
-Pipeline Pipe Specification.
-Pipe Fabrication Method.
-Pipeline Material Procurement.
-Re-Use of Materials.
-Spare Materials.
-Fittings and Special Components.
-Pipeline Fittings.
-Pipeline Fluid Categories.
-Pipeline Tie-Ins.
-Pipeline Fabrication.
-Pipeline Welding.
-Pipeline Bending.
-Pipeline Lowering.
-Laying Pipeline in Swamps.
-Offshore Pipeline Laying.
-Pipeline Stringing.
-Pipeline Coating.
-Pipeline Corrosion and Coatings.
-Internal Corrosion.
-Provisions for corrosion monitoring.
-Internal Coatings.
-External Coating Types.
-Coating Process.
-Coat Testing.
-External Painting.
-LPE Coating.
-CTE Coating.
-Comparison of Pipeline Coatings.
-Pipeline Holiday Detection.
-Pipeline Field Joint Coating.
-Pipeline Earth Work.
-Pipeline ROU Clearing and Grading.
-Pipeline Trenching.
-Pipeline Micro-Tunnelling.
-Pipeline Crossing.
-Pipeline Backfilling.
-Pipeline Markup, Cleanup and Restoration.
-Pipeline Valves.
-Pipeline Sectionalising Valve.
-Pipeline Block Valves.
-Pipeline Block Valves Actuation.
-Pipeline Emergency Shutdown Valve.
-Pipeline Pigging.
~~much more

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