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Solace is a mobile application for transgender individuals which enables its users to plot out their transition, access credible information for how to accomplish their legal, medical, and lifestyle goals, and track their progress.

When users first set up their profile, they are prompted to build a personalized list of specific actions and goals that they want to accomplish as part of their transition. Next,
Solace provides credible information on how to complete these steps. For instance, if one of the user’s goals is to update their legal documentation to reflect the correct name and gender, Solace will show the steps for their country and state/province, what documentation the user will need to provide, etc.

As users complete their tasks and mark them as complete, Solace will update their progress tracker and provide them with meaningful feedback to show that they are no longer stuck in transition, but are in fact moving forward. At any time, users can also go into Solace’s Discover page, where they can see a full list of all the actions and goals that Solace provides information for. If users discover something that they didn’t realize was possible for them before, they can add it to their road map at any time.

Solace is a not-for-profit project of the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, a 501(c)3 in Spokane, WA. As such, we’re committed to keeping Solace free to use and free of ads and in-app purchases. Learn more about how to support our mission at www.Solace.LGBT.

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