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This app brings the most realistic and accurate digital German U-boat Attack Disc to life and, for the first time, to hand-held devices so you can use it just like a real slide-rule!

Whether you are a lone Silent Hunter, or you play as part of a Wolfpack, these realistic and powerful tools will allow you to become one of the best Aces of the Deep!

We've designed a unique circular slide rule called the 'TADS Computer' and together they will allow any player of WW2 Submarine games to perform calculations and complex torpedo solutions faster than a calculator or a spreadsheet.

To help you, we've created 27 unique Training Videos, one for each specific task or operation, so you can easily and quickly learn the immense power these discs provide. You will need the YouTube app installed to stream these videos.

Another unique feature is our 'Visual AoB Helper' - or 'Angle on Bow' helper - that you can use to visually replicate what you see in game and get an accurate AoB reading to within a single degree! We also allow you to change the time of day and weather so you can best match the conditions in-game!

We sincerely hope you love these discs as much as we do and believe us, once you become skilled in their use, you will be able to do almost any calculation with them - ‘submarine sim’ or even real life - so quickly you'll amaze your friends and fellow players.

Please let us know what else you'd like added to your Sub Buddy.

Requires Android 7.0 (Nougat) and above.

Using the discs:
- Use 1-finger touch to rotate the discs, and 2-fingers to zoom and pan.
- If you find the Attack Disc images do not all load, open the Settings cog and switch on the "Reduce Memory / GPU Usage" toggle, stop the app completely and relaunch.

We also treasure our privacy, as well as all yours, and no data is captured or stored other than the app's own settings. Network calls are only made to YouTube when watching the training videos.

We cannot guarantee Sub Buddy will run on all devices due to the vast range of Android devices. Please ensure you try out each feature within the first 48 hours of purchase and request a refund in that time if anything is not functional.



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