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SoS Game (No ads)

发行商: Board and Puzzle Games
价格: 0.72 USD


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Thank you all for downloading SoS Game! You have made this to be the most popular implementation of SoS Game in play store!

We decided to add a paid version of the SoS Game with the minimum cost of 0.50 (without VAT) euros for those who want to enjoy the game without ads!

This version is even more lightweight with the installation package not exceeding the 1MB.

**General description**

The favourite classic game that we all have played usually at class-room with pencil and paper, is available on Android!

You can play with your friends or versus the computer.
There are two difficulty levels normal and hard and the SoS Game uses random engine so the computer won't make the same moves all the time.

The hard difficulty level is very challenging and anticipates the future moves.

For those who don't know how to play sos Game here are the rules.
1)Sos is a two player game played in a 2D grid e.g. 7x7.
2)The players have the option to put either S or O at an empty square.
3)Each turn plays one player.
4)If a player makes an SOS sequence (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) that player plays another turn.
5)The player which will make the most SOS sequences wins.



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