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Learning to read music essentially has two components.
1) Knowing the name of the note on the page.
2) Knowing where it is it on your instrument.

Completely add free, Sound Tuition's Note Maestro focuses on the first part of the problem. The benefit the app gives in accelerating learning far out ways its cost and gives anyone, serious about learning an instrument, a noticeable advantage.

The app starts at level one, in which you must correctly identify one of two notes. Once you can identify the two notes ten times in a row without mistakes, Note Maestro unlocks level two by adding a third note. The app is progressive and continues until you have mastered all of the notes you need in order to read music.

Created by Sound Tuition, Note Maestro brings together world class music education and app construction. We are passionate and professional about education whilst remaining realistic, friendly, and patient. Sound Tuition focuses on one goal; to make you the best possible musician you can be. Learning to read music successfully takes patience, the desire to learn, the correct resources and the best support.

Check out Sound Tuition's study books, children's books, apps, and other learning tools at

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