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English Bangla Voice Typing is a product with Speak and Translate function that provides easy Bangla Translate app to users by which they can get benefit in terms of Bangla English Language interpretation anytime, anywhere in the world.

The App that lets users speak Bengali language to translate into any language works online with the support of fast online server because we want to serve you with always accurate and correct translation of Bangla from English or English from Bengali (either way you translate).

App also includes Easy Bangla Voice Keyboard for typing in Bangla Input. It helps users to write in Bengali input by speaking and get required correct translation of any word, phrase, sentence or paragraph. And obviously for using app in English Input for South Asian countries and Indian sub-continent users can always switch to default English keyboard simply by tapping the cursor in Translate box.

This online Bengali voice translation service works best with an online Bangla server but it doesn't mean that it is not useful in offline Bangla mode. The App has exciting features of History and Saved entries. You can use and get translation of any Repeat OR Saved entry in offline mode too; you never need network connection for that.

Many other English to Bangla and Bangla to English Translation Applications are already available on Stores but the difference is very easy to use interface and great experience of Bengali English Speak and Translate App with Fast & Accurate Translation services plus the unique "Voice Input" feature. It Means that it acts like All Languages to Bangla speak and translate, just speak with backend provided Voice typing Method available on Mic button in Translation screen and start speaking to get Translation of any English OR Bangla word, phrase, sentence and paragraph.

App also acts like Bengali speech to text editor, now you never need to write long articles and blogs by typing every single word or sentence with keyboard. Just speak and it will write English text for you even if you can speak Bangla Text and copy it from the input box which you can use with any other App on the phone.

It is not just Bangla to English and English to Bengali Translation App but it is also a "Bangla to English and English to Bangla Dictionary". Why we are saying this is also a Dictionary app because it works and functions better than any other English Bengali Speak and Translate Dictionary app on store.

Now you can easily translate OR find the meaning of every English word in Bangla. You can also use it for translation of English Phrases, Sentences OR Paragraphs into Bengali. Similarly you can use this valuable app for Translation of every Hindi word, phrase, sentence or paragraph in English.

I defined all useful and valuable features of this "Bengali Voice Typing with Translator" App above and the final resourceful thing for people in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Indian sub-continent where most & many Bengali Speakers are residing, is that now it is 'Learn English Language for Bangla Speaker' you can learn English by engaging with this app most of the time in whole day, whenever or wherever you find some difficult English word in your full day listening, reading, writing and speaking. Get accurate Bangla translation from this free interpreter app, it will also automatically save entry in your history so you can learn it again a few times in future. The whole process will definitely enhance your English Language capabilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Download our Bengali conversation and travel translator app, share your valuable feedback with us and also share this app with your friends and family. We will appreciate your contribution in our Bangla Learning & Translation services for Bengali speaking community.

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