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Spean Loan

发行商: SPEAN LUY Co., Ltd
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Spean Loan is the first app you can instantly get cash up to $1,000 anytime and anywhere in Cambodia for your small business or emergency needs.

We provide the required information for personal loans as below.
Minimum and Maximum period for repayment: 61 days up to 365 days
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 26-48%. We charge a service fee of 2.5-12% of principal. Spean will never charge you more than the amount of your service fee. Interest and fees do not compound or accrue.
A representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees (e.g. sample monthly payment, sample interest calculation): For example, 120-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 12%. For a 120-day loan with a principal amount of 200 USD, the service fee is 24 USD, the transfer fee is 5 USD and the total amount due would be 229 USD. Note that percentages above are inclusive of applicable taxes.
Sample monthly repayment:
Term 1: 30 days after disbursement: 50 USD (principal) + 6 USD (interest) + 1.25 USD (transfer fee) =57.25 USD
Term 2: 60 days after disbursement: 50 USD (principal) + 6 USD (interest) + 1.25 USD (transfer fee) =57.25 USD
Term 3: 90 days after disbursement: 50 USD (principal) + 6 USD (interest) + 1.25 USD (transfer fee) =57.25 USD
Term 4: 120 days after disbursement: 50 USD (principal) + 6 USD (interest) + 1.25 USD (transfer fee) =57.25 USD
The total payment after 120 days is 229 USD
Sample interest calculation: We charge a one time fee of 12% for the loan of 200 USD. We divide the fee of 24 USD into each loan term. In each monthly loan term, we charge 6 USD as shown above.
Our full loan repayment period is NOT less than 60 days as shown above.
Loan name: Small business loan
Loan amounts: 50 USD to 1,000 USD
*Spean reminds you to always check the fees, charges and terms and conditions of your loan offer before accepting your loan.To qualify, a borrower must be a resident of the Cambodia and satisfy our know-your-customer and underwriting requirements. Spean Luy Co., Ltd (MEF Registration No.T-19-0591). Additional terms and conditions apply.

How it works:
- Install the app
- Apply within 10 minutes
- Upload your national ID
- Cash out to your Wing account within 1 working day
- Repay on time and build your fund limit up to $1,000 with us!

Why Spean:
- No paperwork or office visits required
- Ideal for daily working capital for your small businesses
- Get a bigger cash with a lower fee and a longer period as you repay on time
- World class technology to secure your information

Need cash urgently?
Download Spean Loan and apply now!

Smart 0969009292
Cellcard 077712053
Metfone 0882169742


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