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Adventures of Mana

发行商: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
价格: 15.12 USD


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Relive the excitement of Final Fantasy Adventure―
a timeless classic remastered for a new generation.

Enshrined atop Mt. Illusia, high above the lofty clouds, stands the Tree of Mana. Drawing its life energy from the boundless celestial aether, the sentinel grows in silence. Legend holds that he who lays his hands upon its trunk will be granted power eternal―a power the Dark Lord of Glaive now seeks to further fuel his bloody quest for domination.

Our unlikely hero is one of countless gladiators indentured to the Duchy of Glaive. Each day, he and his ill-fated companions are dragged from their cells and bade to fight exotic beasts for the amusement of the Dark Lord. If victorious, they are thrown back into the dungeons with just enough bread to tide them over until their next match. But a body can only take so much, and it is never long before the weary captives succumb to their cruel fates.

Adventures of Mana's battle system grants you the freedom to move about the playing field without restriction, allowing for thrilling combat in which you decide when to attack and how to evade.

Player movement is achieved via a virtual joystick accessible anywhere on the screen. An auto-adjust feature has also been added so that even if your thumb strays from its original position, you will never lose control of the hero.

Weapons are divided into six unique categories, some with uses beyond merely dealing damage. Determining when and where to equip each kind will prove the key to success on your quest.

From restoring lost HP or removing various ailments, to rendering foes incapacitated or dealing deadly blows, there are eight different spells for almost any occasion.

Bloodthirsty enemies are not the only things standing in the way of completing your quest. You will need both tools and your wits to overcome the many challenges encountered in the world of Mana, ranging from locked doors to hidden rooms to traps growing progressively more complex as the game progresses.


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1773 条评价

As far as gameplay goes its okay not great, but then there's this bug that is ridiculous so if you get poisoned and die when you hit continue to start up again from the quick save, your still poisoned and die again instantly.. please fix this square enix...


As of 6/21/20 this game played flawlessly,even on my cheap without any bugs or crashes..great game..worth every penny.


I've been playing (mostly free) hack and slash rpg apps for a while and I loved the look of this game. After paying the enormous amount for this port I realized only after a couple minutes of gameplay how simplistic and unintuitive this game really is. Compared to other games I've played the controls aren't very responsive to the dodgey enemies, there are barely any variety of skills or items and the entire game is so dumbed down to suit a toddler. Literally the only thing I liked was the style


Got stuck in it twice gave up.


game keeps randomly freezing and crashes. lost my save file multiple times in the past. the game was better on gameboy. Would not advise purchase due to lack of updates.


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