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Red Light Green Light : Statue Game

发行商: Squid Games Studio
价格: 免费


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The Squid Games Studio presents , the deadly red light green light game.
The Game squid is very famous among people and it is commonly played as “Red Light Green Light” game or Statues game in US, and Grandma's Footsteps or Fairy Footsteps in the UK.
The squid squad are people who, facing dire economic need and staggering debts, enter a survival game in which they compete in games for a cash prize. There's a twist, though — if they fail a game, they'll be killed.
The gigantic Doll stands in front of the players who sings the Famous “Red Light, Green Light” Song in Korean, the player(s) move on Green Light and have to stop on “Red”, if any movement is detected afterwards, that player will be eliminated.

The squid game series is a combination of six (6) games. The player has to complete in order to get the Big Prize money.

In The Squid Game there are total 456 players, your number is 456, the game is very simple. The Rules of the game are:
Rule 01:
Stop when music stops or when “it” says “Red Light” in Korean.
Rule 02:
Move when music plays or when “it” keeps on singing.
Rule 03:
You have to reach the red line/finish line in 3 minutes.
Rule 04:
Follow the rules 1-3 or you will be eliminated.
Better play by the rules because she's always watching. Will you make it past the first round of Squid Game?

Download and enjoy the squid game Part 1 (Red Light, Green Light).


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