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Sterling OneBank

发行商: Sterling Bank Plc
价格: 免费


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OneBank brings a whole new financial and non-financial experience to the digital space. This application comes with sophisticated features, impeccable user experience, highly secure, convenient, simple and easy to use.

OneBank offers payments, lending, investment, advisory, informational and life-style services which brings that intuitive banking experience on your mobile.

Features and Benefits:

• Create a wallet
Create a wallet account instantly with your mobile number.

• Self-Registration
Because convenience is our key word, you can come on board without leaving your comfort zone and have full access to our financial services.

• Authentication Options
Tired of remembering passwords? Use your fingerprint to access your profile and save yourself the stress of storing many passwords.

• Create your Virtual Card
Instantly create your virtual card for online shopping and decide the card’s usage and expiry.

• Get the Doubble
Stay ahead of the market and enjoy up to 100% returns on your Naira and Dollar investments.

• Specta in 5
Get quick loans of up to N5 million in 5 minutes.

• Send and Receive Money
You can transfer funds from your wallet or account to any bank of your choice in Nigeria within seconds.

• One Transfer
Receive money instantly from OneBank users once they scan your OneBank QR using their OneBank app.

• Foreign Transfer
You can transfer funds from your wallet or account to any bank of your choice in Nigeria within seconds.

• Bills payment
Pay for airline tickets, cable & internet subscription, perform QR code for merchant payments and pay electricity bills all on the go and within few seconds.

• Purchase Airtime
Purchase airtime for yourself or loved ones on the go. It is fast, easy, secure and convenient.

• Cardless Withdrawal
Need quick cash or out of cash? Search for the closest Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and have access to withdraw cash even without your debit/credit card.

• Recurrent Payment
Initiate your standing order payment and be rest assured your transactions are processed at the set intervals.

• ATM/Merchant Locator
Wondering where the nearest ATM is? Use the locator to detect the nearest ATM to you. Also use the locator to check for the nearest POS merchant.

• Contact Us
Because you are so important to us, we would like to always hear from you. Do you have a feedback, enquiry, dispute or suggestion? Reach us via any of our customer care or social channels and you are sure to get a response any time of the day.


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2393 条评价

The app has a beautiful interface and is pretty easy to use.


Maybe flexible and customer friendly app, nice App


I am yet to see a bank app that can rival sterling onebank app. Kudos to you team!


Best app so far developed by Nigetian bank,i'm very impressed!!


I can't sign up.


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