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With Instant Camera, it's so easy to take beautiful and natural selfie photos and videos! You can erase acne scars, remove wrinkles from the skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, adjust eye color, add various filters and special effects, use blur effects, etc.

Skin editor
+ Our special beauty camera makes your skin more shiny, rosy and healthy. It is no longer a dream to have a perfect face and beautiful selfie.
+ Rejuvenate your skin with our exclusive skin wrinkle beauty tool.
+ The acne-removing gadget allows you to make acne and other skin problems disappear with just one click.

Perfect big eyes
+ Wipe the bags under the eyes and dark circles.
+ Brighten your eyes and get super eye-catching in your photos.
+ Use the custom pupil function to edit the color of your eyes and pupils to match your hair color and hairstyle.

Perfect smile
+ Our beauty editor contains teeth whitening function to make your smile look natural and bright.
+ A perfect smile every time you take a selfie!

Instant automatic beauty (new!)
Want to beautify quickly? Our selfie editor can help you! Beautify with a variety of special effects, and instantly preview photos or movie results in the BeautyPlus interface. Choose the scheme you want, with a single click, you can take photos or videos with zero defects, and immediately show them on your social media account.

Magic brush
Our special effects brushes can make your selfies and photos look different from others. We have brushes for light, neon, stars, love, etc. and many more, so you can enjoy your imagination and draw fun and funny selfies. Use a variety of colors to paint with your fingers!

Professional photo editor
+ Blur effect: As long as the blur effect is added quickly, the selfie looks instantly professional. Swipe across the screen and apply the effect immediately!
+ Crop: Cut out unwanted parts to make selfies and photos more perfect! Tap the screen to resize and crop the photo.
+ Photo Filters: Whether you like romantic or dramatic filter styles, we have them here. Dozens of special filters make your selfies and photos super eye-catching.
+ Professional control tools: zoom in, stretch, thin and rotate, etc., so that you can edit selfies and photos as you wish, all as you wish!



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