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Superhero Robot Drone Rescue Mission

发行商: Apple Games Studio
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Superhero robot rescue missions has been designed to offer practical alternative of human rescue operation as there are often a lot of life taking threats in rescue operations. Make a quick plan to take control of city drone rescue and learn practical way of dealing with robot rescue mission for the betterment of your fellow people in the time of their trouble. This light robot rescue brings positive changes in the form of superhero drone rescue to empower players with speed and efficacy.

Join this application to pave your way forward to enroll yourself in your friends’ circles as grand rescue hero who has real soft corners for his fellow people. There are different rescue missions of animal rescue games which you have to deal with by showing your real rescue concerns. Give practical backup to real robot rescue and offer your fellow people post modern robot city rescue services. Bring them out of their present troubles by assuming the famous and distinguished role of superhero doctor robot.

Don’t lose focus even to slight extent as it is the matter of life for the people who are in trouble and you must give your hundred percent in this flying robot rescue operation 2020. Control all rescue activities of real rescue robot with genuine genius and reach all desired rescue spots in time to bring your fellow public out of crises by initiating emergency rescue robot. Don’t feel shy to give your valuable time to your people in ultimate robot rescue and turn into legend commander of drone rescue.

Superhero Robot Drone Rescue Mission features:
• Animal robot rescue like real rescue thrills.
• Emergency rescue robot new hero 2020.
• Firefighter robot rescue challenges for player.
• Innovative concept of drone rescue mission.
• Practical speeds of animal transport games.
• Mission rescue survival with perfect guidelines.
• Compact and realistic role of flying hero rescue.
• Simple, smooth and easy controls of crazy speed hero

Take pleasure in futuristic rescue concepts of drone helicopter games and provide relief and comfort to your fellow people in their time of deep trouble.


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