Santa Supermarket Get Dolls

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Santa market there is a new look in city Santa market Get Dolls! these days fashion dolls is preparing to travel to the market. Fansy and her girlfriend opera star house owners of store. facilitate all the dolls do their work! Babes ar terribly funny and cute! Santa market Get dolls are going to be your friend during this fun game! ar you prepared for cute adventure? Let's start!
Go lookping within the grocery shop along side your favorite dolls! such a big amount of things to act with and bit with endless potentialities in role play!

Cashier: scan merchandise and things, create bill receipts, and collect all money from customers; count cash and provides them amendment back because the cashier boss.
Grocery: facilitate the doll's client get pleasure from her looking like fruits and vegetables, bread and milk, candy and chocolate, juice and soda, soap and dentifrice et al.
Fruits and vegetables: select recent Fruits and vegetables: bananas, apples, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and lots of others. get pleasure from juicy fruits within the fruit section of the food market.
Candies and sweets: during this game store you'll select and kind bright candies.
Scales: place the products on the scales, get the value tag and fix it to the merchandise.
Cleaning: you'll conjointly become a food market Manager! Wash floors, clean shelves and kind trash.

Bonus: and bonus game with surprise eggs! Unlock all the surprise eggs to assemble a set of latest toys ksi meritos!

GAME options

- Play for the shopper and therefore the cashier in market
- looking together with your favorite dolls
- Learn to use cash instructional looking game for kids
- perceive all the method within the food market
- several mini games
- Bonus game with surprise eggs
- Bright graphics and simple interface for teenagers
- Free looking game for kids

Santa supermarket Get Dolls market is nice fun for tiny ones WHO like to role play and love looking at the Grocery store!



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