Stick Shadow Fighter - Epic Survival

发行商: LEMON Studio
价格: 免费


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Stick Shadow Fighter - Epic Survival is one of the best fighting game series that you ever play. You will embody the familiar characters in the famous game series and comics then fighting together. Fight to take down the smartest AI, fight great players from around the world, or compete with friends

You will be overwhelmed with the system of characters and weapons designed in the game, intense combat scenes with vivid sound, unexpected situations that you did not expect. If you are a fan of fighting games such as stickman fighting that you will not be able to skip this game.

Along with the rich reward system each game screen, you can not stop when constantly collecting them.

Also this game have 3 Game Mode for you fighting:
🔥 Single Mode: You can’t defeat computer with highgest AI Level???
🔥 Verus Mode: compete with your friends to become stick master
🔥 Survival Mode: how can you aliving with 100 enemies.

Stick Shadow Fighter - Epic Survival looks simple but be careful it’s easy to die if you do not focus and be skillful.Wait for supreme duelist enemy to approach you, tap on screen and boom. Stick fight takes just one punch stickman legends!
You will get heroic fights in the game, full of mastership and speed. Many weapon types available. You will have to avoid the enemies to survive. Experience realistic and eventful fighting atmosphere of the game in the best stickman games style! Make the tricks, crash against the walls, break the bones, and destroy your enemies and other warriors.


🔥 Free 100%
🔥 Easy controler
🔥 Alot of enemies and AI level to fight
🔥 Lot of skins free
🔥 Full of destruction all-action blockbuster soaked up all the best in stickman warriors games
🔥 2 player games, 3 mode available for player: 1 player and survival mode stick fight
🔥 2D physic stick fight game style with interesting graphics!
🔥 Addictive 2 player games and physics stickman games

Download Stick Shadow Fighter - Epic Survival now to become the master of age of stickman!



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