Goku Dragon Ball Super Keyboard Theme

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Goku Dragon Ball Super Keyboard Theme is exactly the keyboard you need to keep showing your photos from your prefairer anime shingeki no kyojin!

Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard applies to all images of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z on the keyboard of your phone and works like a Goku Dragon Ball Super font in the keyboard.
You can also change the background of the Goku Dragon Ball Super flag as a photo at any time and its simple steps to implement in all and all Android applications in a simple way.
An all-inclusive intelligent keyboard introducing amazing features such as the presentation and operating mode of the Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard, And much more. In addition, new and exciting features like Emojis and many more are coming soon!

How to use:
1. Open the application settings and click the Activate button (step 1).
2. Select the "Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard" check box to enable it.
3. Return to the application, then click SET INPUT METHOD, and check the "Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard" checkbox to enable it.
4. Click on THEMES to switch to the different keyboard with Goku Dragon Ball Super background.
5. If you want to edit images, you can click CHANGE IMAGES.
6. Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard.

The Goku Dragon Ball Super keyboard allows you to enjoy all these features:

1. An automatic spelling and style checker protects you from embarrassing errors.
2. A very practical layout, making the commonly used keys more accessible than on other keyboards.
3. Automatic completion and correction of words using a sophisticated algorithm that adapts its suggestions to your vocabulary and style.
4. Predicting the next word by learning your vocabulary and style as you type words.
5. A fantastic store that allows you to change the design of your keyboard among a large collection of themes !

Dragon Ball Super Wallpapers wallpaper collection is Dragon Ball characters, consisting of Goku (Son Goku or Songoku), Bulma (Burma), Krillin (Kuririn), Master Roshi (Kamesennin), Oolong (Uron)
Yamcha (Yamucha),
Puar (Puaru), Chi-Chi (Chichi),
Ox King (Gyumao / Cow King), Launch (Ranchi), Tien (Ten Shin Han), Chiaotzu (Chaoz), Gohan (Son Gohan or Songohan), Goten (Son Goten or Songoten), Vegeta (Bezita), Trunks (My Torah ), Pilaf (Pirafu), Tao Pai Pai (Tao Bai Bai), Red Ribbon Army (Red Ribbon), Piccolo (Pikkoro), Tsuru-sennin (Tsurusennin), Cell (Seru), Frieza (Freeza), Buu (Bhu) , Babidy, Uub (Ubh), Android # 17 (Artificial Man no. 17), Android # 18 (Artificial Man no. 18), Baby, Broly, Turles, Bardock, and Omega Shenron (Shen Lon)

Features Category :
- Goku Dragon Ball Super lock screen
- shingeki no kyojin Wallpaper HD
- Goku Ultra Instinct Lock Screen

Enjoy ...

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