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Dynasty Legends (Global)

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3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends (Global): New version is coming!
The Siege War begins. It's time to fight for your guild! Awaken new heroes, summon the power of rune, fight across the servers. Who can dominate this epic battlefield? Come and challenge!

•Classic Musou Gameplay: Crush your enemies with a single touch! Stunning skill effect brings the coolest fighting experience.
•9V9 Team Battle: Real-time massive multi-players online PVP. Invite your friends to fight together.
•Collect & Cultivate: Cultivate and awaken dozens of famous generals. Unleash their real power.
•Exclusive Fashion: Customize your hero. You are not only the strongest, but also the coolest.
•Wings & Divine Weapon: Forge the wings and Divine Weapon, summon the ancient magic power to become stronger.
•Guild Battle: Use various strategies to match the heroes freely. Different matches bring different battles. Fight for the glory of the guild!
•Cross-server Guild War: Lead your guild to fight across the server. Your friends and enemies are all over the world. Who can become the final winner?
•Fair Arena: Adjust and balance the attributes of all officers. And there are some time-limited Free officers for you to experience. A fair test of your real power, show off your fighting skill.
•Mount & Bloodline: Summon and cultivate the mount; purify the mount bloodline to improve the attributes greatly and change its appearance freely. A true hero deserves the best mount!

-New Gameplays-
Guild Quiz, improve the guild friendship via the real-time bullet screen. Who is the military counsellor of the guild? The answer is coming soon.
Siege War, seize the cities and occupy the resources. It's a war between the guilds across the servers. It's a war that you must win!

-New Cultivation System-
With gorgeous appearance and strong power, Rune can enhance the strength continuously and increase the attributes greatly. Such an awesome system will assist the lords to make a breakthrough!

-New Awakening-
Zhang Chunhua - lithe whip shadow, gracefully swinging. Though she's not bloodthirsty, a stern lady like her would like to cause more damage to the injured enemy ruthlessly.
Jiang Wei - Silent as the azure waters and deadly as the heaven's thunder. The dual function of Heaven's Thunder and Thunderclap, combined with the Thunder Spear, can inflict heavy blow against the enemy instantly.

-Intense Battle Mode-
One Versus All! Smash your enemies like mowing grass on your mobile phone. Fast battle pace, control your heroes to cast their unique skills. Wipe out thousands of enemies with a single hit!

-Legendary Heroes-
More than 50 heroes from ancient battlefields are waiting for your command. Every hero has their own way to fight, choose wisely! Awakening mode, a breakthrough of the hero’s power! Reach the full potential of the heroes!

-Various Game Modes-
Real-time Co-op and PVP, intense battles. 9V9 real-time PVP, cross-server PVP, dominate the battlefield with your friends.
Giant Boss fight. Hunt them down with your outstanding control! No one can hold you back even the demons! There are more game modes to challenge. Can you be the hero of all heroes?

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這遊戲的視覺衝擊很大很好玩,我記得上一個版本也很好玩 。


超爛,隨時會把帳號還原,千萬不要花錢玩 解決個頭,遊戲本身的錯誤,怪在玩家身上,隨時把玩家資料亂改,千萬別花錢去玩,花時間也不要


連一星都不想給 沒用外掛 沒用破解軟體 規規矩矩的玩 (遊戲内送好禮下載很多) 玩了好幾天 結果無預警的被鎖 再次打開驚呆了 好幾天的努力全被删了 真無言 一個好玩的遊戲 被無良的經營者搞砸了 要求返還 不理你 一肚子鳥火 又不能怎樣 遊戲公司在香港 欺負台灣人 隨意鎖遊戲删除資源 一點公正性都沒有 無奈啊


我不費工夫就抽到我想要的武將 仲係我第一款三國最好玩嘢



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