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Taleek: Video Language Lessons

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Are you looking for the best language learning app to learn a new language? Download Taleek language app and get a chance to learn any of the mentioned seven top languages of the world. Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese. Our app comes up with unique features and designs to give you the best experience of learning and understanding.

This Taleek multi-languages app allows you to choose any top language of the world that you want to learn.

Learn English
Learn the basics and enhance your English speaking fluently with our handcrafted standard online course. Our English language course contains lessons that give special attention to English pronunciation and daily use wordings. With our language app, you will be in the right place to improve English from business to travel, English grammar, and English vocabulary.

Learn Chinese
Need help with Chinese language and business vocabulary? We help you to learn Chinese as our app focuses on effective content from basics to advance. Get hands-on learning with Chinese meaning, speed, and pronunciation in this app. Moving from basics to up, you will get a powerful way of understanding Chinese vocabulary and understanding language

Learn Spanish
Learn the Spanish language with our most effective video lessons from basics to advanced. The app is a quick Spanish learning package for absolute newbies. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate level person, our Spanish language program would help you to be an expert in Spanish.

Learn German
Learn the German language from a professional German speaker as our education app is focused to teach the start to an advanced level. Get step by step language intro, vocabulary, and dictionary from basics to pro level. Learn different lessons, and exercises to practice (read, write, and listen) from basic to intermediate and intermediate to advanced.

Learn Turkish
Start learning Turkish effectively and quickly within our app and start memorizing core Turkish words, pronunciation, and sentences. Our methodology of teaching Turkish let you clearly understand adequately. Get the right Turkish pronunciation and vocabulary from native speakers.

Learn Arabic
If you’re looking for the basic Arabic learning app so download our app as we have a special Arabic learning section over common Arabic with excellent video quality. Our Arabic teaching methodology covers the works whether you are memorizing the Arabic Alphabet, Learning some Arabic phrases, or working towards fluency in the Arabic language.

Learn Russian
Learn the Russian language with our organized different levels of international standards. Discover the fun and easy way to learn all the Russian Language reading rules, vocabulary, and the words you will ever need. You can learn various phrases and the series of Russian language and it would help you in easy and different voices, and examples.

Why Choose Taleek - Real Teachers Real Fluency App?

- We are a pro-education app that teaches 7 world's top spoken languages through video lessons from basics to advanced.
- Every learning language is organized into 6 levels and according to the international language standards.
- Students can watch the video lesson from an app, download it locally to access it offline.
- Students can preview PDFs that contain notes and highlights from a particular language section.
- Students can practice hearing the new words over and over till they master the pronunciation.
- Students will have an option to add selected words to their lists and practice them in a flashcards manner.
- After completing each level there’s a quiz that users have to pass to unlock the next lesson.

You might use different language learning apps but this language education app helps you to learn seven different languages uniquely and professionally which helps to clearly understand and become a pro in any particular language. Give it a try and share it with your friends.


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