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EasyRewards makes making money simple, easy, and fun. All within the palm of your hands.

How it Works

It's simple, with EasyRewards you can earn cash and gift cards by completing offers with only a few taps. Don't believe us? See for yourself! Offers consist of simple tasks such as playing games, installing free apps, completing surveys, and watching videos. For every offer you complete, you will be awarded a certain amount of in-app Coins. These Coins can be redeemed for PayPal Cash and other real-life Gift Cards. Let us help you fund your next shopping spree.
You can also earn a lot of Coins by inviting friends and family to use the EasyRewards. When you refer a friend you and your friend will each be rewarded. In addition to that, you will be awarded 5% commission on every offer your friend completes. That means, even on your busiest days, you can still earn rewards!
- 4 Offer and Survey providers: Fyber, AdScendMedia, AdGateMedia, OfferToro, Wannads, and more.
- 5 Video providers: Vungle, Applovin, AdColony, Fyber
- Surveys: TapResearch, PeanutLabs, Pollfish
- Daily Check-In: 10 Coins daily bonus
- Referral Program: Invite your friends and you will be awarded 100 Coins, plus 5% commission on lifetime earnings. Your friend will receive 50 Coins.
- PayPal Cash: Redeem your Coins to real-life cash.
- Amazon Gift Cards
- Google Play Gift Cards
- Walmart Gift Cards
- Tesco Gift Cards
- Target Gift Cards
- Best Buy Gift Cards
- Whole Foods Market Gift Cards
- PlayStation Gift
- Xbox Gift Cards
- Many more!
Referral Program
- Simply share your Referral Code with your friend from the Invite page.
- Ask your friend to enter your Referral Code after they install the app
- Your friend will be awarded 50 Coins immediately, and you will be awarded 100 Coins plus 5% commission
Note: In order to prevent fraud, your friend must first earn 200 Coins in order for you to receive your reward.
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at any time.



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