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JazzCash - Money Transfer, Mobile Load & Payments

发行商: Jazz Pakistan
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Now access Pakistan’s largest mobile wallet through an app. Join millions of customers who use this wallet for simple and secure everyday banking. When it’s hard to find a moment for those small but important day to day transactions, JazzCash App is here to help. It is fast, convenient and includes built-in security technology to ensure all your data is safe and secure. Since you always have your phone on you (because who doesn’t anymore?), JazzCash App is the simplest way to do your everyday banking transactions.

With JazzCash App, we have built a different kind of bank for our customers, a bank with digital branches that are open when it suits you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a bank where you can walk in without an appointment and walk out with a working account; debit card and all. A bank that tells you exactly what you are getting; a bank that actually puts you first.

The all-new JazzCash App is designed keeping in mind you and your ease. It enhances the Mobile Account experience with simplified access, bringing features such as contact syncing, authenticating transactions with Touch ID or Face ID and allowing users to repeat their past transactions with one tap.

JazzCash App not only brings you convenience with a seamless user experience, it does everything you’d expect and maybe a little extra. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. You can crack on if you’re on the bus, at work, or simply can’t tear yourself away from your daily Netflix & Chill. Simply take control of your finances on the go with JazzCash App.

This revamped version of JazzCash App comes with new, innovative and cutting edge features:

• Instant Account Registration: Regardless of which mobile network’s sim you use, you can now register for Mobile Account through this app
• Deposit via Debit Card: Not in the mood to go to a retailer to credit your account? Now you can add money in your JazzCash App account through any debit card
• Food Delivery: Hungry and want food at your doorstep? Order food from 300+ restaurants.
• Bus Tickets: Book bus tickets and get amazing discounts. #SafarKaroSufferNahi
• QR Payments: Pay via QR at your favourite outlets to get amazing deals & discounts
• Education Payments: Worry no more & conveniently pay education fees via JazzCash
• Healthcare: Pay for your Medicines, Lab Tests & Consultation Fee through JazzCash at discounted rates
• Improved Experience: Make all your Mobile Account transactions such as Send Money, Pay Bills, Mobile Load, QuickPay and Other Payments with new and improved experience!
• Request Money: Out of cash in your Mobile Account or someone owes you some money? Request money from your JazzCash App
• Touch ID & Face ID: Making your Mobile Account more secure without the hassle of entering an MPIN all the time by enabling Touch & Face ID on a compatible device!
• Repeat Activity: If you are tired of punching in lengthy digits each time for your frequent transaction, JazzCash solves this problem for you with Repeat function for all your past transactions
• Invite& Earn: Invite your friends to JazzCash app and earn cash rewards each time your friend successfully registers on the app
• Locate Nearby Agent: Locate your nearby JazzCash Agent for Cash Deposit

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For feedback and suggestions, feel free to write to us at:

Use JazzCash App for all your payment needs and never carry a physical wallet or juggle with hard cash again!


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