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MyTelkomsel – Buy Credit/Packages & Get 7.5GB

发行商: Telkomsel
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MyTelkomsel becomes better and better for you!
With the latest version of MyTelkomsel, we bring you more service improvements and more rewards, of course.

Have you checked-in today? Don’t miss it because you can get up to 7.5GB data quota by collecting Daily Check-In stamps! You can even automatically check-in only by opening the app now. Super easy and fun, right? Yup, because we really love giving you rewards.

We also make it easier for kartuHalo users to download their billing statement file without PDF Viewer Library. You can immediately download and open it from the app, using a password.

Not only gifting credit balance and data package, now you can also pay another user’s bill using various payment methods such as credit card, debit card, LinkAja, and OVO. Overall, the gifting feature is easier to use. Nothing could go wrong when you’re sincerely sharing with your loved ones.

If you need more help and support, rely on us! Now you can immediately find our virtual assistant, Veronika, anywhere. If you need help while checking quota details, paying your bill, completing a payment, or looking for vouchers—chat us via Veronika.
Did you send an inquiry ticket to us? We know having a problem is not okay… but we’ll handle it and notify you, so you can always track the progress. We’ll work harder to help you!

To keep you well informed, we also improve the push notification feature. Never miss your package renewal, bill payment, and promos.

Did you enjoy our various options of payment method with LinkAja, GoPay, ShopeePay, OVO, DANA and Kredivo? Well, you can also add and save your credit card securely for regular transactions and gifting. Don’t worry, you can change or remove it later if you want. Happy shopping!


Exploring various choices of package is so convenient. Now you can easily switch between pages, get offers, do one-time purchase or subscribe to a package, and send gifts based on the categories. Checking your SIM card info and changing between cards can also be done with a swipe. Enjoy a more organized and detailed notification inbox too.

For kartuHalo users, you can check quota, usage details, set bill reminders, view/download billing details (e-bill) and billing period, change the main kartuHalo package. All can be done on MyTelkomsel!

Don’t forget, you also have many services you should try: update your account details, ask Veronika, and book a GraPARI appointment. You can even do more such as exploring VAS services (CloudMAX, TanyaDok, PopCall, Magic Call) and accessing Help page. You can also check your Purchase History, roaming activation, and POIN redemption on MyTelkomsel. Never miss any transaction you made by easily accessing this feature.


We know you love our Daily Check-In feature, so we keep it to keep you showered with special rewards by checking in to MyTelkomsel App every day. Make sure to check Disney+ Hotstar packages as well to enjoy the best entertainment. You can even play game now! No time to get bored at home. Play it, try to get the high score, and challenge your friends to beat your score.
Promo lovers can still enjoy offers such as discount vouchers from Telkomsel POIN redemption, lucky draw coupons, special bundling offers, and many more. Just check the Rewards page, it’s super easy to browse and find the offers suitable for you.

We would also like to remind you that MyTelkomsel is optimized for smartphone use, not tablet. The compatibility with other devices and other device resolutions are not guaranteed, so please make sure your device is compatible before exploring the app.

We are happy to receive your feedback. If you have any questions or other inputs, please email us at, mention @Telkomsel via Twitter/Facebook or through Get Help/Contact Us section on MyTelkomsel App. For further information, visit


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