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SeekMe - Future Baby Prediction Palm Scan

发行商: AI Palm Scanner Cartoon Face App Studio
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SeekMe is a professional app to find out your real self and know your future! Especially, we have Future Baby Prediction and palm reading function to make your life more interesting.

★ Future Baby Prediction★
Have you ever considered about your baby with your lovers in the future? In SeekMe, we provide powerful future baby predictor which you could see what your baby looks like just by uploading you and your lovers' photos.

★ AI Palm Scanner ★
Seek Me has a more powerful palm scanner feature than others, which can use the big data to analyze your palm lines and provide detailed and personal palm reading results. High technology AI system makes it more accurate and efficient.

★Predicting Past Life★
Do you want to know what your past life identity is? Whether it's a handsome cowboy or an elegant poet, SeekMe can help you regain your identity in your previous life, Come and give it a try!

★One Click to Be Young★
Do you miss the good childhood days? Now SeekMe Time Shuttle takes you back to your youth! Whether it’s childhood or youth, just click upload and you can become younger with one click. Come and share your young self with friends~

★Aging Effects★
Are you curious about your future looks? Whether you are a boy or a girl, whether you are in puberty or you are in your prime, SeekMe can help you predict what you will look like in the next 20, 40 or even 60 years. How many years later you want to see yourself, you choose!

★Face Change Master★
The magical face-changing "magic" appeared! Now, you can easily complete the face-changing "magic" with just one photo of you. If you want to be a beautiful girl with pearl earrings, or a heroic male duke, SeekMe can help you achieve it. Come and try it!

★ Funny Brain Test★
It has many tricky puzzle games with a series of tricky brain teasers. Each test will have a key tips to help you. However, it will still challenge your mind. There are many levels for you to try. After you pass all the brain test, you will be the star of wisdom.

★ Interesting Psychological Test★
We provide 6 types of test for you to choose, including "Love", "Health", "Cause", "Relation", "Family" and "Character".
Each type have many sets of questions. Choose one test that you are interested in and answer the questions by following your heart. You would get what you want. The results of tests may offer you better guidance to face or solve your problems happen in your life.

★ Random Test ★
If you do not know what you need to ask, it would be better to use "Random Test" option. By randomly completing various test, maybe you can understanding yourself better than before.

★ Color the World ★
Through finishing one test, it will automatically fill the test icon with different colors. Before doing the test, you may not know what to do or what you can be. But the process of answering question help you to get close to the solutions step by step. Therefore, it gives you hope as your world is colored.

-Our app is only for entertainment purposes. The results of our app is not guaranteed as 100% correct, and it is only for reference.
-Our app is not approved by FDA, and should not be used as a medical device. Consult your doctor if you have any health-related or medical problems.
-In some devices, our app may make your LED flash hot.

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