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Welcome to Helicopter Simulator 2016, the best flight simulator for helicopters there is! Fly over 3000 missions using the top military and civilian aircrafts. Use your flying skills to complete all the missions of the game divided in 6 categories of a helicopter pilot career.

Enjoy the Airliner Career mode to become a professional helicopter pilot, and to challenge yourself, you can choose between other careers: Military, Coast Guard, Television Broadcast, Transport, Rescue and Tour flights.

Some of then are radical, some you need to rescue people in danger situations or transport a important cargo, help in policial chases, and also to fly a helicopter close to a hurricane to broadcast it live! We created more then 3.000 missions, so, we guarantee hours of a amazing flight simulation experience!

The simulation also includes Time and Season features, where you can choose day or night and different weather conditions to flight.

- 28 helicopters
- 5 different weather forecasts, including day and night flights
- Real life scenario, with ground and air traffic
- 3.240 missions
- Career
- Militar
- Coast Guard
- Television Broadcast
- Transport
- Tour
- Missions with different challenges:
- Time attack
- Extinguish Fire
- Rescue people
- Fly the aircraft between skyscrapers, bridges
- Give a ride for some parachuters
- Help the police in car chases
- Escort armed trucks and military personal
- Transport weapons, VIP passengers and cargo.
- Shoot at some targets with military aircrafts
- ... and more!

We are a indie simulation studio trying to bring to you the best flight simulator experience for helicopters in your mobile! So please, feel free to contact us to give your feedback!

*All logos, airlines, companies and people are fictional in the game.

Pilot, have a nice flight!

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