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Triathlon Deauville

发行商: Exaequo
价格: 免费


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Inaugurated in 2012 with 850 participants, the Deauville International Triathlon has become, in only 8 editions, the 1st French Triathlon in 2020 with nearly 6,000 triathletes!

Beginning from the Deauville’s beach, riding through the fabulous landscapes of the Pays d'Auge and running on the famous “Planches de Deauville”, is the "unique experience" looking for by all those passionate of the triple effort. These courses are very much appreciated by our participants.

The TriDeauville is aimed at all types of triathletes thanks to its 4 races adapted to different levels: the Sprint Triathlon - Calvados Department, the Long Distance - Lepape, the DO750 - Carrefour Market and finally the Olympic Distance - Loubsol.

The Deauville International Triathlon has become a real festival of triathlon where the atmosphere reigns. For example, the “Côte Saint-Laurant” has become over the years a true symbol of the TriDeauville for its difficulty, but also because several hundred people go there every edition to encourage the courageous triathletes. It has an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful climbs in mountain bike racing!

The Deauville Triathlon will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021. A new step that we are following with the ambition of the "Norman conquerors". Our vision for these 10 years? An event that will welcome more and more participants, notably by enlarging our bike park to meet the growing demand of triathletes.

This year, to stay connected during your weekend we offer you the Trideauville application. It gathers all the information you need for your race: program, spectator information, race guide or even all the latest news.

These information will be available thanks to different sections.
First of all, the news section will allow you to follow the Trideauville news: training plan, weekend program, schedules etc... Thanks to its alert system, the application will notify you in real time of the latest news.

In the race section, you will be able to consult all the race information such as the races, the results of each race and the race guide as well.

Live tracking section will allow you to follow your favourite triathletes (service in partnership with Breizh Chrono). Thanks to its various features you will be able to search your triathlete by name, first name or bib number.
Then you will be able to know in real time his last crossing points at the transitions and therefore his position on the course.

You will also be able to access the top 10 of each race.

Thanks to the program section you will be able to access your weekend program, all the information and schedules necessary for your race.

Finally, in the information section, you will find all the practical information about the event, including spectator information, Triexpo Deauville timetables, map and access to the event, our partners.

To stay connected to the Trideauville during your weekend and be informed in real time, download the application for free.


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