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Who is the most foolish? Tricked is the brain teaser game to answer this question! Sharpen your mind with amazing logic puzzles and mind teasers. You still haven't tried brain trivia? Are you kidding me? Play Confused Brain Games and turn into a quick thinker! Don't get tricked by the silly questions and answers or your instincts! Original brain tests and mind games await! Find solution to each brain quiz puzzle! Think different!

Are you smart enough to complete all the hardest levels❓
Find out in our confusing games with tricky puzzles!
Brain it on and work out the correct solution for all mind tricks!
No overthinking for tricky riddles and smart brain teasers - just solve it!
Who will be the best in fun games that use logic?
Show that you excel in analytical reasoning!
Compete against yourself in unusual trivia!
Stretch your brain in free thinking games!

Hey creative thinkers, show off your cognitive skills!
One of the most challenging games that don't need WiFi is here!
Install “Tricked – Confused Brain Games” to keep you busy for hours!
Try to figure out the puzzle and brain twisting questions!
How big is your brain? Don't let your common sense limit you, it's time to be imaginative!
You'll feel your mind breaking once you start your brain quest!
Get ready for puzzle challenges and test your brain!

Are you smarter than a 10 year old?
Find out in this thought game for adults and for kids!
These are not just riddles for adults, these are riddles for all ages!
Everyone can enjoy funny puzzles and cognitive games free of charge!
Do some brain training for elderly and keep your mind sharp!


💡 Choose a sidekick!
💡 Is that picture riddle too difficult? Use hints if you're stuck!
▶ Get a free clue by watching video ads!
💡 No endless tapping or you lose brain!
💡 Enable or disable sounds, music and vibrations!
💡 Skip level = lose 2 hints!
💡 Don't forget: there are no obvious answers!
💡 Start playing interactive riddle games!

Confused Brain Games will make you happy!
You can free download game for mobile phone or tablet!

Looking for awesome, binge worthy games? Your search ends here!
Simply stay focused and come up with tricky solutions for unique mind puzzles!
Having a sense of humor is a plus when you gotta think out of logic to solve fun time passers!
Do some brain gymnastics! Build your mind and 🧠 out!

How cunning and witty are you? These impossible questions hold the answer to that!
Install “logic puzzles” to cure boredom and make you laugh! Worry not, 🧠 games don't take much space on your device. Solve riddles offline and become the master of logical games! The trickiest quiz app is great for concentration or mental training. It's hyper casual and super interesting! Sometimes you get an absurdly addictive physics puzzle, sometimes it's all about lateral thinking. Your job is to figure it out! You might be an intellectual, but can you pass this level? Ultimate 🤯 games and thinking puzzles will keep you entertained! Brain it on and prove you're a genius by completing all impossible tasks in a 💡 game!

Why Tricked? It will refresh your mind!

▼ You get clever puzzles good to channel frustration!
▲ Intuitive design and clean UI for brain sharpness app!
▼ It's perfect for the fans of addictive and fun games that make you think!
▲ Practise analytical problem solving for mental agility!
▼ An ideal time killer with little trick to train your brain.
▲ You won't need other boredom busters!
▼ Be brainy! Make your own riddles and submit them!

👉 Ready to get stumped? Do you want to #brainout? No need for a generic IQ test, prove your skills by solving this super brain puzzle! You'll find that our tricky games are thought provoking and immensely satisfying.
Download Confused Brain Games and feel your mind opening!
🤔 It's time for some brain fun! Think harder & stay sharp! 🧐

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