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TripApp is an app meant to reduce the harms related to the use of drugs, through providing people with honest and reliable information about them. It connects people directly to drug checking results, harm reduction service providers, safer use information and drug law legislation. It has a number of functions:

Drug Checking Results
We give you access to alerts on the presence of adulterants/contaminants and the misselling of substances (for example, PMMA sold as MDMA). These are based on laboratory results from organizations in the Trans European Drug Information (T.E.D.I.) Network and self-reported unexpected reagent testing results self-reported by app users.

Submit your Reagent Results
This function allows people to report unexpected reagent testing results they encounter. “Unexpected results” warn of the presence of unexpected substances.

Filter Alerts by your Weight
There are many high dosage MDMA pills in circulation. Your body weight is a significant driver of the potential of these to cause harm. The ‘Dose Smart’ section allows you to input your body weight. Within our shared database with TEDI, every MDMA-containing substance that would represent higher than 2mg/kg MDMA will be shown. Please note that substances with less than 2mg/kg MDMA are not necessarily safe and high doses even below 2mg/kg can be dangerous.

Learn About Using Safely
‘Safer Use Information’ is a section that gives some useful information on how to reduce the harms related to drug use. It also covers topics like ‘Mixing Drugs” and ‘Injecting’, ‘Smoking’ and ‘Snorting’. The ‘Mixing Drugs’ section also connects to TripSit’s combo chart.

Find and Connect to Services
This function connects you to over 1200+ harm reduction programmes in 15+ countries, which you can search based on your location and type of services you are looking for. These services include ‘Drug Checking Services’, ‘Safer Party Services’, ‘Sexual Health Services’, ‘Needle Exchange Programs’, ‘Drug Consumption Rooms’ and ‘Opioid Substitution Treatment’.

Find Local Drug Laws
We provide access to legal information on drug consumption, possession and supply criminal offences in 30 European countries, which we have sourced from the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction.

About us
This project is led by Youth Organisations for Drug Action (YODA), the Nightlife Empowerment and Wellbeing (NEWNET) Network and Help Not Harm (HNH).

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