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YaaniMail: Türkiye’nin Maili

发行商: Turktell Bilişim Servisleri A.Ş.
价格: 免费


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You can read and answer your mails quickly and safely on your devices such as phones, tablets and computers with YaaniMail. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily follow your e-mails. Now you can open a new mail for free and start using your new email address via YaaniMail.

The advantages offered by YaaniMail can be summarized as follows:

● You can easily access to your e-mails from anywhere.
● You can use it on different devices such as phone, tablet and computer.
● Thanks to its simple design, you can quickly get used to YaaniMail.
● While using your e-mail address, you can protect your device against spam and viruses through YaaniMail.
● You can continue reading and answering your e-mails even if you do not have an internet connection.
● If you are a Turkcell subscriber, you don’t have to use your internet package while using YaaniMail.

Owing To The User-Friendly Interface, You Can Get Used To Your New E-mail Address Quickly

You can easily set up your e-mail on YaaniMail. Thanks to the simple design of YaaniMail, you can get used to the application quickly.

You Can Get Things Done On Your E-mail Without An Internet Connection

One of the biggest advantages YaaniMail offers to its users is being able to login to e-mail without internet connection. By virtue of this feature, you can continue to read and answer any e-mails in cases where there is no access to the internet connection. The transactions you do during internet disconnection are automatically processed the first time you connect to the internet. In this way, you can prevent time losses that may arise due to the internet connection problem.

You Can Use Your E-mail Account Safely

As soon as you create a new e-mail account on YaaniMail, spam mails are separated out through the security filter. All datas are stored in high-security data centers in Turkey. Customized security layer protects you against spam and viruses. You are given the option to block people you do not wish to receive any e-mails. In this way, you can use your free e-mail address on YaaniMail very safely.

You Can Easily Find Your Mails Through Filtering

You can easily find the emails you’re looking for on YaaniMail through filtering. For this, you can mark your mails as "flagged", "unread" or "attached". You can list your important e-mails with the “flagged” option; unread e-mails with the ‘’unread’’ option and e-mails with the attachment with ‘’attached’’ option.

You Can Group Your Emails Under New Folders

On YaaniMail, you can create new folders representing a certain subject and name them. In this way, you can list the e-mails under these new folders.

If You are a Turkcell, You Can Use YaaniMail Without Spending Your İnternet Package.

Turkcell subscribers do not spend their internet packages while using YaaniMail. Turkcell subscribers can use YaaniMail without spending internet packages over Turkcell LTE/3G.

All Users Can Open Free Email

YaaniMail is a free application for all users. In order to see all the features of YaaniMail, you can quickly set up your e-mail adress and start using it on YaaniMail.

Yaanimail Proudly Made In Turkey

YaaniMail was developed by Turkcell’s engineers. You can easily sign up an e-mail account on YaaniMail and start using it safely.

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