Maya the Bee's gamebox 1

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You can play these great games with Maya and her friends, get an album for your stickers and you can print out and paint the colouring pages.

Game 1: Catching nectar
Catch all the drops of honey that come falling down - but be careful not to collect the earthballs!
Dexterity and reaction exercise: catch falling honey drops.
For beginners: first exercises

Game 2: Swap and rotate
Put the picture from the puzzle pieces together again in which you swap and rotate the puzzle pieces!
Logic exercise: swap and rotate puzzle game.
For children with advanced gaming experience.

Game 3: Simon says
Replay the melodies and their tones in the correct order which the characters play!
Memory Exercise: Recognize and repeat tone sequences.
For beginners: first gaming experiences.

There is a sticker for the collecting album as an award with every game! Appropriate and motivating background music is played during the game.

Enjoy playing with the Maya the Bee!

simon says repeat サイモンは саймон говорит


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