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The Dark Book: RPG Offline

发行商: Michele Salvatore Bunetto
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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A fantasy adventure awaits in the dark world of Morghoth
A story that follows the adventure of a hero who returns from the realm of the dead 💀
Don't wait to try this game if you're a fan of role-playing games!

History 💀

In the dark lands of Morghoth souls have awakened through the dark magic of a book it's called the Dark Book, you will be one of the souls who have come back to life and your task will be to understand who has the book and why it used it.
Souls have occupied villages now uninhabited by human beings and you'll have to investigate and fight against all sorts of creatures during your dark journey.


• A wide variety of enemies, environments, equipment and spells
• A dark story full of twists and turns, exciting and that will offer you many hours of play
• Use touch, keyboard and mouse controls or a joystick to control the character the way you want
• Old-school hack and Slash for lovers of the genre and not
• Easy to play
• Camera and map can be customized to your liking
• Different graphics settings suitable for your device
• Play on mobile and keep playing on Android TV with cloud saves*
• Multilingual support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian
• Cloud saves require Google Play Games.

( Optional ) In-App Purchases💀
• Magic Shield on Ridden Town
• Soul Sword on Vivek Town
• Magic Armor on Mysting Town
• Magic Bull Helmet on Mysting Town
• Devouring Sword on Solaris Town
• Ring HP-MP on Black Castle
• Skeleton Gold on Black Castle
• Hammer Infinity
• Unlocking the level after completing the game
• New magic at level 105

The Dark Book is an action RPG hack-and-slash inspired by the classic old school like role playing games years 90.
You will play as a warrior skeleton and face hordes of enemies that will earn you experience points, allowing you to level up and upgrade your character.
You will have to perform a variety of missions where you will receive rewards such as items or gems and gold in return.
You will have to visit all the land of Morghoth in order to find information and find the dark book.💀


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16621 条评价

Gefällt mir sehr gut muß aber noch länger spielen


Macht auf jeden Fall spas


Its ok.....


Auch für ein old school RPG viel zu limitiert: - das item System ist viel zu banal, immer nach dem Motto " neue Waffe macht einfach mehr schaden, neues rüstungsteil gibt mehr rüstung", zusätzliche Boni gibt es nicht - Kampf läuft immer nach dem Motto "Inventar voller heiltränke packen, ran an den Gegner, kloppen und heiltränke trinken bis der gegner erledigt ist". Taktisches Vorgehen bei kämpfen nicht möglich, da die zaubersprüche viel zi schwach sind und die aufladzeit viel zu lange.


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