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Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram | InstaBoard

发行商: Followers & Unfollowers Assistant
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Insta dedicated follower management applications for users around the world

Fan data can be analyzed at any time.

◆Functional Introduction

Basic Functions of Focuser Management (Free-to-use Functions)

1. People who care about me (they don't care about each other, but they care about me)

2. The person I care about (I care about the other person but the other person doesn't care about me)

3. Pay attention to users (Pay attention to each other)
4. New fans (last week)

5. Untracked Users

These Instagram follower checks are free to use.

Payment function

Contribution Photos/Contribution Analysis

One can see the popularity of submission at a glance, which is convenient to determine the direction of submission in the future.

Focuser analysis

Can analyze which is my true fans, for better communication.

Analysis of non-followers

You can know who is interested in me.

Other analysis

Botnet Powder, My Screen Recognition, My Screen Users, Recommended Users, People Nearby, etc.

Strongly recommend to the following persons

1. Fan management applications that you want to use for free

2. Can't find a free application to use

3. Insta Track Check Application / Focuser Check Application that you want to use!

4. Want to make a detailed understanding of the situation of fans!

5. Want to know who released your attention in time!

6. Free trial!

7. Want to view photos and videos easily

8. People who like Instagram can edit photos or images

9. Publish instagram dynamic recognition every day


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