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Universal Lotto:

Increase the chance to win more often in the lottery!!
Universal Lotto is maybe the most featured app of its kind.
Universal Lotto includes a totally of 64 predefined systems from around the world.
It includes all of the most important Lotto games such as:

PowerBall - Jaldi (India) - MegaMillions - Chinese Mark6,
Scandinavia Lotto (Norge,Sverige,Danmark,Finland),
German - Austria - Nederland - El Gordo,
Suomi - BITCOIN Lotto - South African Lotto,
MegaSena - SuperEnalotto (I)
Gosloto (RU),
EuroMillions - EuroJackpot -EuroMillionen GO!,
Frence - Florida - SuperStar (I) - Greece,
KENO70 - KENO80 and many more.

Features list:

Here is list of features you can select from to improve your changes to win more frequently!

Besides normal random numbers you can adjust the out come with Balanced or Unbalanced numbers
You also can enter your own favourite numbers to rise your winning chance or select rows (randomly generated) with specific criteria such as:
odd numbers only
even numbers only
numbers without 4 ie. , 14,24,34,44..
numbers without pairs or triples
numbers with at least one pair
numbers with at least one triples
numbers with deviation variables and row sum
choose from mainly small over neutral to mostly big numbers
choose between balanced and unbalanced numbers
Use of 1, 2 or none Lucky numbers of your choice with unbalanced numbers
Balanced numbers have the weight in centre, the Bell Curve Principe
Choose from very small tickets (6-7 rows) to tickets with up to 11440 rows
Select the number of tickets and reduce it from 5% down to 90%
Tickets are mathematically generated and can be reduced with good winning chances.
To generate thousands of rows it takes between 1 and 3 seconds on modern devices
Save your tickets with predefined name or choose your own
You can sett favourite marks for more convenient and sort tickets by date or name
Saved ticket include all the necessary information including date ,total price and more
You can check your tickets for result.
Select up to 6 difference background colours or use the very nice standard background
You also get info about the winning changes (1:n) of each Lotto system
All your settings are automatic saved for easy of use
The app has an attractive modern design and is easy of use.


An ABC system consisting of 15 numbers of your choice and with less than 20 tickets allows you to further increase the winning odds for a very favourable price.
This system can be played with any Lotto system that requires 5 or 6 required lotto numbers.

In-app languages:
English (standard)
Pусский (Russia),
हिंदी (Hindi)
中文 (Chines simplified)

With this app you can greatly increase your influence of number generated for your next winning ticket, then «What would life be without hope!»

Why don’t try your luck today? 😀

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