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Ruru is the best way to meet new people and make friends all over the world. Now, Ruru offers you a platform to video chat with humorous and nice people and offer you great chances to date with attractive boys and girls. Then, it becomes simpler to meet and live chat with strangers. Ruru is much more amazing than other video chat apps or dating apps.

Highlight features:

【One to One Video Chat】
- You can make live video chat on your phone anytime and anywhere, which is definitely an important step before you set up a date and romantic relationship.
- HD(High Definition) and smooth video chat provides the best experience during live video chat to know each other clearly.

【Meet and Make New Friends】
- Meet pretty girls or handsome boys around the world. Just dating with whom you crush on from here!
- Only users with authentic profiles can join the video chat.
- If things get awkward, you don’t need to be afraid of hanging up to end the video chat, or even block them!

【More Amazing Gifts】
- A good gesture to make friends, sharing gifts through video chat.
- Have video chat or text chat with your friends, show your love and support with varied gifts!

【Quick and Easy Login】
- Use Facebook or Google to quickly log into Ruru video chat, no need for registration troubles.

【Text Chat】
- Those who are hesitant to talk directly through video calls can enjoy just texting initially. If you’re shy, just send an emoji and say hi to new friends through text chat first.

Ruru is also the decent community for the people who are polite and friendly. Video chat is the new fashion to make friends and date with someone you are interested in, but being polite is the permanent way to show cool. You can not only watch live stream of talented stars, but also get a chance to start your own channel and gain your own fans and even your love!
Ruru is your best choice that really makes fun! Come and join Ruru !



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