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จอมใจยุทธภพ - Martial Lover

发行商: UnlockGame
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Martial Lover 3D Fantasy MMORPG open world mobile game we are playing. Team up your friends and enjoy this Kungfu world. Fight for glory, adventure awaits you!

Game Features

Open World Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Smooth control, smart blow feedback, stunning visuals with splendid special animation effects bring an ultimate realistic game experience in the immortal world.

Super 3D Fighting Experience
* Unlimited PK in the grand open map and enjoy the excitement in massive PVP. None-stop ACTION
* Real Time 12 VS 12 test your skill and reaction. Take the fairy’s sword, earn your honor.
* Guild War the cross-server battle of guilds all server. Fighting to be the Kunlun Mountain owner.

Cool mounts & pets, customizable looks
* Extremely free character customization,coloring your favorite costumes, become a fashion leader in Martial Lover
* Dozens of cool mounts accompany you to travel across the grand open world.
* Summoning the god beast pets to assist you during the battle! Set 5 pets fight together with you, strategize & conquer this martial world.

Offline auto-combat & Trade freely
* Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat earn EXP easily. Creating a win-win situation for both work and play. Enjoy wonderful offline game experience.
* In the trade market of this game, freely sell any unused or extra equipment. None of your resources or time shall be wasted.
* Rich Welfare! Login rewards every day, get 10 times bonus in the high rate investment plan.

Create your family,Play with friends
* Meet your eternal love in this martial world. Holding a grand sweet wedding.
* Talking to your friends using the in-game voice chat online.
* Sharing items among guildmates. Creating wonderful equipment in your guild, make your guild much stronger!

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