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Cyber VPN successfully solves two problems of today’s mobile Internet: it facilitates the access to blocked resources and secures data, without loss of the connection speed. The application is free and has a variety of features to make your browsing easy, pleasant and anonymous.

Cyber VPN is able to:
* Protect data on your device from hackers’ attacks
* Facilitate the access to any site
* Secure your smartphone during the work in public Wi-Fi networks
* Preserve your anonymity in any mobile network
* Preserve high connection speed and unlimited traffic

Cyber VPN does not require a registration, is distributed for free and does not save user’s data, in contrast to the majority of applications of such kind.
The application has flexible settings which allow automatically turning on VPN when connecting to blocked web pages or public Wi-Fi. The selective turning on of VPN is made in one action and does not require long manipulations.

Cyber VPN has a premium mode with advanced abilities:
* Increase of the connection speed
* Turning off advertisements
* Support of premium clients.

The extended Premium mode can be purchased for a period of one month, six months, or a year. Users of different VPN applications often complain about a lower connection speed when using an application. That happens because of use of proxy servers and is a side-effect of using the application.
Cyber VPN is free of that shortcoming thanks to good optimization. 95% traffic problems when using Cyber VPN occur due a weak or unstable network signal.

If you face problems with Cyber VPN:
* Make sure that Internet is available when Cyber VPN is off.
* Change the country through which the connection is established.
* Check, whether the work in VPN is allowed on your device. Your smartphone will ask for such permission when you install Cyber VPN. If you are denied that permission, the work in VPN will be impossible. In order to remedy the situation, reset your smartphone or re-install the application.

Attention! You need a TUN/TAP driver for operation of the application, which has to be contained in the firmware. This function can be unavailable on devices of no-name companies producing budget smartphones, as well as on used devices from a pawnshop in which the firmware was changed.



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