Cargo Oil Tanker Truck Driving Simulator

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Oil Truck Simulator is for those who love to Drive Heavy Trucks on hilly roads it allow you to drive Oil Tanker Real Truck on some of the most addictive and challenging mountain roads. Performing duty as a Transport Truck Driver is not a easy task even for Real Drivers because you are driving heavily loaded Cargo Truck on thin narrow roads and weather is also will create difficulties. All these circumstance make this a Best Truck Game.
Oil Tanker Truck Driving is like any other Transport Truck Game with some Latest Features and challenging Levels.
In this ear every thing depend on Fuel and more specifically Petrol Oil is most important Fuel. You are a Oil Tanker Truck Driver your duty is Drive Offroad Cargo Truck to big cites from oil refiners. keep in mind you are not driving Cargo Transport Truck but you are driving Oil Tanker which is too sensitive it can damage you and surrounding also so drive very carefully you Indian Oil Tanker.
So you think you can drive oil tanker safely from one petrol station to the next with this transport simulator? The safety of the cargo truck is in your hands so be careful when you drive heavy tractor trailer on extreme roads. Drive high uphill into the mountains and deliver the fuel to the local businesses tycoon Experience the life of a real big transporter driver simulator who drives his cargo to many different places. Drop the dangerous gasoline at the destination and go to the next transport truck driving missions in this transport simulator game. As you start oil tanker job, you have to move to a refinery where the refining process has been completed and refined products are ready to transport. Load all the gasoline in transport truck container and start your journey to city fuel stations. In this driving simulator, enjoy real road traffic animations, racing challenges, 3d city environment. All driving features exist in Free Driving Game, so start up the engine of your very own oil truck in the latest transporter simulation game.
Oil Cargo Transport truck offers you to drive grand trailer lorry from petrol station depot and deliver oil cargo on different fuel stations in the open city areas. Become road king with this simulator of truck game designed for skilled driver who love real trailer driving in open city map locations. Oil trucker is heavy duty vehicle with highly explosive and flammable fuel material.
So its time to take challenge of this best Simulation Game.



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