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Season Match Puzzle Adventure

发行商: HeroCraft Ltd.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Welcome to Season Match jewel games. Mystery match 3 games!

Encounter great characters, enjoy a story full of unexpected twists, and restore the magical kingdoms after the attack of the evil Witch Crow by clearing bejeweled 3 in a row levels!

Let's start your match games free! Magic quests are waiting for you. You can meet a charming king, witches, magicians and many other fairy tale characters in our kingdom.

They are waiting for you here:
- Exciting events every season to challenge even the most experienced players!
- Boss battles.
- Unexpected plot twists and exciting jewel mystery match 3 games.

Start three in a row matching games free! Each new level in our new free match 3 adventure games has exciting quests. Make 3 in a row jewel combinations and enjoy an interesting story! Find all the lost magic amulets, jewls and artifacts to boost your witchcraft abilities. Some of them you will get for passing a difficult bejeweled level. Upgrade your magic power to win a jewel mystery matching quest!

Use your bonuses wisely! Our match 3 puzzle games will be interesting for adults and children.
Play 3 in a row games offline. You can find out the whole history of the Magic Kingdom, make new friends and enjoy a fascinating fairy-tale story.

In the 3 match games free new you are waiting for:

- Play 3 in a row games offline!
- Runs smoothly even on slower devices.
- Unlock all achievements in jewel mystery 3 in a row game!
- More than one and a half thousand levels and 40 bejeweled locations, new coming soon!
- You can play 3 in a row games for free, without the Internet.

Complete match 3 puzzle game adventure, collect jewls, treasures and find new objects on the playing field!

You are sure to be fascinated by the unique story that distinguishes the Seasons from others in the genre of "three in a row" or "3 match games". This match jewel games bring you a lot of fun and you’ll definitely love it!!

Season Match is a classic free 3 in a row adventure. You can beat all bejeweled levels without any additional purchases. Or, you can buy extra lives, moves, and bonuses to pull off the most impressive wins in three in a row matching games free!
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33198 条评价

Friggin cool


Love it!


Love it


Level 477 has cost me all my hard earned coins😩😩😩. 500 coins for first five extra moves, 640 coins for next 5extra moves then 1100 coins If your still unable to finish level😳😳😳 no guys.. How will I ever make enough coins to get all the characters then🤷. So far I only have seven characters.


A Different kind of game I'm not used to playing.


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