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Toptip is a community of people exchanging their best recommendations about all the things that matter to them. Our aim is to make sure that it only takes a minute for you to get trusted recommendations about anything you need, whenever you need it. And not just any recommendations, but the ones that are perfect for you.

It can be anything: holiday tips, book recommendations, a local electrician. 'Can anyone recommend things to do with the kids near me?' 'I need a restaurant recommendation for a special night out in New York.' 'A plumber! Quick!' Whatever you need, someone, somewhere, has the answer that's perfect for you. It might be a neighbour, it might be someone on the other side of the world. With Toptip, you'll connect.

- Scroll your home feed to see what people are recommending in all the things that matter to you
- Ask for a recommendation about anything you need and quickly get the right answer
- Help others when you can answer their questions
- Share your own tips whenever you have something to tell about
- Discover likeminded people and see all the things they’re recommending
- Make notes for yourself, including tips you find elsewhere on the net
- Keep everything in collections so you’ve always got them
- No more hours spent browsing reviews and wondering which are fake and which are real. - Ask a question and get the answer you need, help someone else by answering their question, share tips of your own.

Toptip is about real people helping each other with real recommendations. The more there are of us, the more we can achieve. Come and be part of us!



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