Pickomino by Reiner Knizia

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The chickens are on the run with this popular dice game by the games author Reiner Knizia!
They’ve all got their eye on the best barbecued worms. But watch out: anyone who leaves the barbecue empty handed simply pinches them off their opponents!
The rules are simple: there are different sized barbecued worm portions on the board. Each player throws eight dice, takes one number out of the game after every throw of the dice and continues throwing the rest of the dice. If their number on the dice equals the value of a barbecued worm portion, they can collect them – and even take from their opponents’ stock! The person who has acquired the most barbecued worms at the end is the winner!
Careful though: anyone who just focuses on the largest worm portions can end up empty handed! The luck of the dice and the right tactics decide who wins.

• The original app for the popular dice game
• Simple rules – fantastic fun
• Play with the family or friends on one device (two to four people)
• Game online against opponents from all over the world
• Compete on your own against six individual opponents on the computer
• Numerous achievements

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